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It's too early for me to write a review from my order because you guys are awesome!!!! My package came super fast to New York from Texas(2 days I believe). I've been with you guys for years and will be forever. If I ever close my lobes I will find another piercing just to stay with you guys. I used to order from shifty websites when I first starting stretching and it took forever for me to receive my package. It was disappointing when I finally got the package to realize the materials were horrible. I'm so happy I found your website. Your prices are beyond fair for everything that you sell. The materials and quality are perfect. And you also let us know what type of item your buying and what it can entail even if a customer doesn't know the organic materials can vary or an item is plastic. Thank you for educating me as I've gone threw my stretching process and offering a variety of everything. I wanted to thank Jackie who packaged my order and personalized my work order. I ordered a pair of Tawapa horn oval spirals and I left comments on them being as close to perfect as possible if possible and she gave me the most perfect pair. Thank you so much Jackie they are truly perfect! I also wanted to thank Anna Guerrero for replying to my comments on order. Thank you so much you guys are awesome and really care about your customers and the quality you provide. I will forever shop with you guys.
This is a great company. I always enjoy my experience when I just window shop or place an order. I even sent an email recently asking about one of the vendors and I got a quick and super friendly response. I recommend your site all the time. I haven't found a better site than yours to order unique, finely made, glass jewelry. Many of the on-line sites just stock run of the mill, trendy type jewelry. Keep up the great work. See you next time.
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