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About Bodyartforms & its people

About our company

When Bodyartforms came about in 2001, it wasn't just a company to us. It was a chance to do something that we love, and to do it in a way that made us proud of what we do. It's a rarity even in this day and age to see a company run by two women. This company is more than family-owned, it's sister-owned.

We started Bodyartforms in our living room, packing the orders ourselves, and programming the site ourselves too. Thirteen years later and we have way too many employees for a living room. We just recently settled into a 9100 square foot facility in Georgetown, Texas, and we love it. It's a great place. It's our second home.

Since we founded our business here on planet Earth, we think it's a good idea to take care of the place as best we can. That's why we offer a range of environmentally friendly checkout options, like the choice to use as few plastic baggies as possible. That's also why our bubble wrap and packing peanuts are biodegradable.

When you're on the checkout page, you'll also spot our charity donation options. When you give to the charities at checkout, Bodyartforms matches what you give 100%. We support places like the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (View the elecam at, the ASPCA, the Austin Humane Society, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and many more. These are charities we feel strongly about.

We believe in careers, too. That's why all of our employees earn a living wage. That's a fancy term that means someone working full-time should be able to afford quality of life. We provide 100% healthcare insurance for our full time employees, along with vacation and 401K packages.

When we're not at work, a big part of choosing where we spend our money is whether we're comfortable supporting a company. Do we agree with what they do, and how they treat their employees and the planet? If not, we'll take our business elsewhere. This page is about who we are, where we came from, and what we believe in.

Bodyartforms isn't just a company, it's something we're proud to be a part of. And when you shop with us, you're a part of it too.

Amanda (Co-owner/Founder)


BAF is my life. I get to work with my sister all day and we have a fantastic team of employees. I love what I do! I spent most of my days at BAF programming and managing anything that crops up that day. I also have the not so exciting job of doing the bookkeeping and paying taxes (YAY)!

Outside of work I spend most of my free time with my son, husband, and sister. My hobbies are pole fitness, gardening, and reading Reddit.

Ellen (Co-owner/Founder)


Bodyartforms is such a huge part of who I am. Being able to express myself through body modification in an environment where it is solely positive is very uplifting. Getting to work with my Sis and our amazing crew of employees every day is awesome. I'm very grateful to be a part of the modification community!

Outside of BAF, I love being physically active, be it running, paddle boarding, spinning, Pilates, or whatever my body won't complain about too much :)

Having four dogs, I'd consider myself a big animal person. They are definitely my kids. Unfortunately they don't cooperate well for family photos, so you only get to see Augustus.

Nathan (Inventory manager)


Modifications: 10g septum, 2g conch punches.

I love dogs & books, and I'm 10 pounds overweight. When I'm not perusing our vendors' fabulous catalogs, I spend my time arguing philosophy on various forums.

Jeannette (Office Manager)

Jeannette Mods: 7/16" lobes

I like dinosaurs, comic books, and coffee. I can probably beat you at Dr Mario, but you can probably beat me at arm wrestling.

Melissa (Custom orders & customer service)


Mods: 6g labret, 5/8" lobes, 14g nostril, tattoos

When Melissa isn't handling your pre-orders, she enjoys long walks on the beach, and blowing the brains out of the undead. Nothing makes her happier than sitting down and watching a real nice gore/horror movie. Her son is the light of her life. Most of her time is spent chasing him, and we are sure that he will one day be a formidable zombie hunter. She is an avid coffee drinker and concert goer. She also has the best dance moves in town.

Anna (Customer service)


Mods: 7/8" Lobes, Septum, Dahlias (Or Jokers, either is acceptable), tattoos

I'm really just an old soul kid at heart found the love of my life at age 19. I have several babies(stuffed and 4 legged) Love to travel, road trips are the best! Very crafty, I'm almost like the MacGyver of crafts, and totally obsessed with Sailor Moon! Also secretly waiting for the zombie apocalypse to happen :)

Rebekah (Product photographer)


Mods: Nose piercing, tattoos

A born and raised Austin native, I like cartoons, video games, fashion, and most of all, my dog. When not working, I spend my time drinking too much coffee and working on personal art projects. Or browsing the internet. But hey, I know a lot of Legend of Zelda trivia, so time well spent.

Danielle (Inventory & packaging)


BAF is the best job in the world, if you can't tell I have awesome coworkers. Since I've started my job, I've discovered my love for body modifications. I'm currently stretching my ears to a 6 gauge, have a nose piercing (with strong desires of a second one!) and a conch piercing. I'd say my favorite things in life are food and cute animals, closely followed by the people in my world.

Jackie (Packaging)


I grew up in Texas, moved away, and came back home. I love my new job here at BAF! Everyone is amazing to work with!!! I am raising four beautiful girls, who are my life, my everything. We are always busy with theater improv or cheerleading. You can also find us out and about enjoying this awesome state ... hiking, camping, or just exploring unknown areas. Life is what you make it. So you should enjoy the life you live, love the life you live, and if not, change it to make it your own. The world is too amazingly wonderful not to. My dream is when my girls are older I will aimlessly travel all over to experience opportunity, people, and places!

Dani (Packaging)


Much like my hedgehog, I sleep 25 hours a day. In the rare hours that I'm awake, I enjoy geocaching, browsing reddit, and avoiding social interaction. Playing pinball is another hobby of mine, and one of my favorites is Creature From the Black Lagoon. Speaking of favorites, I'm constantly craving Korean food and Ethiopian food! And froyo!!! Aside from all of that, I love BAF. My coworkers are super rad, and I admire each and every one of them!

Andres (Packaging)


I'm a biology buff from San Antonio, TX. I moved to the Austin area about 15 years ago and I've enjoyed every minute of it! I really love writing and hiking, and working at BAF is the perfect compliment to my life. I get nothing but productive work on my feet and great vibes from my coworkers! There's a 90% chance you'll find me hiking on a trail or getting my creative juices flowing at a brewery in Austin any given Saturday afternoon. Pugs and Akitas are life!