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Published Saturday, June 17, 2023

Discreetly Concealing Stretched Ears with Hider Plugs

Body modifications and adornments are an age-old form of self-expression, carrying a unique aesthetic appeal and personal significance. However, there are times when your cherished modifications need to be hidden due to societal norms, professional requirements, or personal circumstances.

Whether you have stretched earlobes or other piercings, hider plugs and retainers are a reliable solution to maintain your piercings while ensuring discretion.

Stretched earlobes are among the most noticeable forms of body modifications, a striking and visible testament to your individuality. However, not all situations may call for showcasing this aspect of your personality. That's where hider plugs come into play. Typically crafted from silicone or glass, these ingenious pieces of body jewelry are designed to blend seamlessly with your skin tone, making your stretched lobes appear more inconspicuous.

Although a perfect skin match might seem elusive, the trick lies in the art of creating an illusion of uniformity. Hider plugs, available in a spectrum of skin tones, create a 'blank canvas' effect that visually minimizes the prominence of your stretched earlobes. The variety in shades offers an opportunity to discover and select the color that aligns closest with your skin tone, delivering an effect of subtlety and discretion. It's all about blending with your natural skin hue rather than matching it precisely, creating an optical illusion that diverts attention.

While hider plugs alone can be an excellent solution, the flexibility of this body jewelry extends beyond hiding. You can introduce another layer of style by wearing an earring through the silicone hider plug. This option not only helps to keep your stretched lobes unnoticeable but also allows you to flaunt a conventional earring, creating a chic look while maintaining discretion. It’s an innovative way to preserve your style quotient without compromising the integrity of your body modification.

In addition to hider plugs, there are other body jewelry options like retainers that can come to your aid in times of need. Retainers are generally made of bio-compatible materials like bioplast, bioflex, glass, or PTFE, specifically designed to retain the shape of your piercing when traditional jewelry is removed. Ideal for various types of body piercings, including lip, nose, eyebrow, and more, retainers are hard to see, offering a practical solution to keep your piercings intact during surgical procedures, professional engagements, or family events.

The benefits of retainers extend to preventing piercings from closing, a concern that accompanies the removal of body jewelry for an extended period. While retainers are not typically adorned with gemstones or intricate designs, their functional and aesthetic value in maintaining the piercings and offering a discreet appearance cannot be underestimated.

Then there are also piercing retainers designed with a flat top, also known as hider tops. These are perfect for facial piercings where a typical retainer may still be visible. The flat top blends smoothly with the skin, making the piercing practically unnoticeable. This design is particularly useful for occasions where any visible piercing jewelry may be considered inappropriate.

Whether you choose hider plugs or retainers, it’s crucial to ensure that the materials used are hypoallergenic and safe for your skin. Common materials such as silicone, glass, bioplast, and bioflex are usually a safe bet, but if you have sensitive skin, it's always wise to consult with a piercing professional before making your choice.

In conclusion, the world of body jewelry is not limited to bold, visible pieces that demand attention. There are options designed with subtlety and discretion in mind, catering to the moments when you need to adopt a more conventional appearance. From silicone hider plugs in an array of skin tones to versatile retainers and hider tops, you have a ton of options to choose from at our shop!

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