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Published Friday, August 25, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About The Eyebrow Piercing

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A Peek into the History

The eyebrow piercing, with its rebellious charm, burst onto the scene during the 1970s punk wave. Since those punk rock beginnings, it's won over everyone from rockstars like Amy Lee of Evanescence to the enchanting actress Keke Palmer.

Types of Eyebrow Piercings

You might be thinking, "An eyebrow piercing is just an eyebrow piercing, right?" Wrong! There's more than just one way to rock this look.

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

This is your classic eyebrow piercing. It usually sports a curved barbell, appearing at the top and bottom of the brow.

Whether you want it closer to the bridge of your nose or more towards the end of your eyebrow—it's your call! Feeling bold? Why not have multiple piercings side by side?

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Lying flat atop the eyebrow, this piercing typically uses a surface barbell. The exact spot and angle all depend on what works best with your anatomy and personal preference.

Anti-eyebrow Piercing

A bit of a misnomer, this piercing isn't on the eyebrow at all. Instead, it graces the area below the eye, following the cheekbone's curve. It's a more unique choice but comes with its own set of considerations due to its position.

What to Expect: Pain & Healing

Good news! Most find the pain level for eyebrow piercings on the milder side. Once you've got your piercing, expect around a 6-month healing journey.

Pro-tip: Avoid sleeping on that side to save your piercing from any undue irritation.

Getting It Done Right

Your unique anatomy plays a big part in the placement and even the possibility of getting this piercing. So, it's a smart move to have a chat with your piercer to find the perfect fit for you. And once you're all pierced up, remember to check out the cool collection of curved barbells and threaded ends over at


How to Change an Eyebrow Piercing

1. Clean Your Hands and the Area

Before you start, make sure your hands are clean. Wearing gloves is a good idea for added hygiene. Use clean cotton swabs and Neil Med saline spray to gently clean the area around the piercing. This ensures a safe and clean process.

image using qtip to clean around eyebrow piercingimage of cleaning around the eyebrow piercing

2. Prepare Your New Piercing

The curved barbell usually has threaded balls on both sides. Unscrew the top ball of your current piercing. This will allow you to remove the old piercing and insert the new one from the top.

3. Replace the Piercing

Hold the new curved barbell with one hand and remove the current piercing with the other hand. Carefully insert the new curved barbell through the piercing hole, ensuring it comes out on the other side smoothly. Make sure it pops out right at the end.

image of unthreading the eyebrow jewelry from the bottom

4. Attach the Threaded Ball

Now, take the threaded ball and twist it onto the bottom end of the barbell. This secures the piercing in place. Adjust the position if needed to make it comfortable and stylish.

image following the eyebrow piercing through


Congratulations! You've successfully changed your eyebrow piercing!

Pro Tip: If you experience any pain, discomfort, or resistance during the process, stop immediately and consult a professional piercer.



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