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Published Monday, March 20, 2023

How to Adjust a Clicker Ring with Jewelry Pliers

How to adjust a septum clicker

So you’ve got a clicker, but it’s not closing right? If your clicker doesn’t close tightly, use ring closing pliers to adjust it.

  1. Put the ring between the grooves.
  2. Squeeze the pliers gently until the ring closes a small amount.
  3. Try closing your clicker ring. You’ll hear a click when it closes properly.


If your ring is too small and it doesn’t close, you’ll need to use ring opening pliers.

  1. Insert the pliers in the ring and align the ring’s edges with the divots on the pliers.
  2. Squeeze the pliers gently to open the ring slowly until the the gap is large enough that you can close the clicker hinge properly. 

As you can see, pliers make it easier to adjust your clicker. If you don’t have any, we highly recommend getting these tools.They’re essential tools to add to your jewelry collection. You can buy pliers on our site


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