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Published Monday, March 20, 2023

How to adjust a large gauge clicker

How to adjust a large gauge clicker

Small clicker rings can be easy to adjust, but what about large gauged clickers? If you use a clicker ring that’s larger than 12 gauge, we recommend using ring pliers to adjust your clickers. If you need some, we sell them on our site

If your clicker is loose and won’t close properly, you will need to use ring closing pliers like these.

  1. First open up the hinge.
  2. Then place the ring between the grooves as close to the hinge as possible. This different from a smaller gauge clicker where it doesn't need to be close to the hinge / opening.
  3. Gently squeeze the pliers and close the hinge to check if the closure is secure.
  4. Repeat, until the clicker closes properly.
Using ring CLOSING pliers on a large captive clicker ring

If the clicker is too tight and the hinge won’t open, you will need to use ring opening pliers like these.
  1. Hold the hinge with one hand and with the other, insert the pliers in the ring and align the ring’s edges with the divots and lightly squeeze until the hinge opens properly.
Using ring OPENING pliers on a large captive clicker ring

Using ring pliers makes it easier to adjust your clicker, but if you don’t have any, you can try using your hands.

  • To help loosen the metal, you can put the clicker in warm water for about a minute. If you add soap to the water, you can clean the piece before adjusting it. If you’re already wearing the clicker, you can also wear it while you shower to help warm up the piece so that you can adjust it by hand.
  • If the clicker is too big, open the hinge and squeeze both sides of the clicker until the hinge closes securely.
  • If the clicker is too small, slowly and gently pull both sides of the clicker. Pull until the hinge closes properly.
Place clicker in warm water to help work with large gauge clickers by hand

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