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Published Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to adjust a septum clicker that has gems or a shape

How to adjust a septum clicker that's more complex in design

Do you have a clicker with gems or a unique design that needs adjustment? We'll show you how to adjust a delicate clicker with your hands and with ring pliers. Over time clickers can get loose and start spreading apart. If your delicate clicker has gems or shapes in examples like these: , you'll want to try adjusting it with your hands first, so that you don’t damage the piece.

Adjusting a delicate clicker with your hands:

We recommend using gloves to get a good grip on the clicker. Start by opening the hinge as you will be adjusting it with the hinge open. Squeeze both sides with your fingers very gently. Check the fit often by closing and opening it. Very slowly and gently keep squeezing until the hinge closes and is no longer loose.

It’s a difference of a fraction of a millimeter, so you probably won’t feel the clicker moving or even see the difference with your eye. Testing the closing is the only way to tell if you’re getting closer.

Squeeze to tighten a loose clicker

If you go too far and the ring is too small, pull the sides away from each other very slowly until the hinge closes properly.

Pull sides to open a tight clicker

Using ring opener & closer tool for your clicker:

If you need to use ring closing pliers to close the clicker, place the ring between the grooves as close to the hinge as possible. You want to be careful and squeeze very gently so you don’t damage the clicker.

Put ring closers close to hinge to tighten clicker

If the clicker is too tight and the hinge won’t open with your hands, you will need to use ring opening pliers. Hold the hinge with one hand and with the other, insert the pliers in the ring and align the ring’s edges with the divots and lightly squeeze until the hinge opens and closes properly.

Squeeze to open clicker

Whether you’re using your hands or jewelry pliers, a little pressure goes a long way. Over adjusting the clicker can affect the gem settings and cause the gems to fall out, so be careful so that you don’t damage the gems or design.

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