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Published Thursday, October 19, 2023

How to Pronounce Labret: Clearing the Confusion

  • Labret is correctly pronounced as "la-bret" (with the T sounded out at the end)
  • Labret pronounced as "la-bray"... Well, if you're feeling French!

Hey there, piercing enthusiasts! Ever wondered if you prounce the word labret piercing as "la-bret" or "la-bray"?

Let's dive into the confusion and clear things up!

First things first, a labret is a piercing below the lip. The word "labret" finds its roots in Latin, coming from "labram," which means lip, plus "it," making it "la-bret." So, technically, it's pronounced "la-bret".

Over time, though, people started thinking it had a French origin, leading to the "la-bray" pronunciation. Here's the scoop: since labret has Latin origins, the correct way to say it is "la-bret". But hey, language is fluid—potato, potahto, right?

Whether you say "la-bret" or "la-bray", we totally get what you mean. 


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