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Published Thursday, February 15, 2024

How to Wear Your Dangly Earrings with Stretched Lobes

Do you have stretched lobes and miss wearing your favorite dangly earrings? Here are a few creative options for you to try:

1. Naked Lobes

Wear your dangly earrings directly through your naked lobes. This classic method allows your earrings to take center stage.

2. Under Tunnels

Here are a few different ways to wear earrings under tunnels:

  • Place your earring between your lobe and the tunnel itself.
  • OR, thread the earring through the opening of a silicone earskin to avoid metal-on-metal contact with your jewelry and prevent scratching.

3. Eyelets with Dangles

Look for eyelets with built-in dangles to effortlessly add movement and style to your stretched lobes. This option combines the edginess of tunnels with the flair of dangly earrings.

4. Silicone Plugs

Get creative by poking a hole through silicone plugs and inserting your favorite dangly earrings. This unique approach allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Experiment with these different ways to wear dangly earrings with stretched lobes and find the style that suits you best!

Pro tip: Ensure your comfort by choosing earrings with lightweight materials.


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