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Published Saturday, August 5, 2023

Spotlighting Different Styles of Clicker Jewelry

Spotlighting Different Styles of Clicker Jewelry

Want to level up your clicker rings? Today we’ll be going over different styles of clickers we carry that you may not be familiar with. 

We can’t talk about clickers without going over the classic clicker ring. It’s round, very trendy and it comes in a variety of styles, gauge sizes and materials. It's a great switch to make from the classic captive bead ring, too, because it's easy to take on and off!

You may have heard these referred to as 'lip rings' but they can just as easily fit in a double helix piercing. This style is popular for septum piercings. It can also be worn in other piercings such as nostril, lip, or ear cartilage.

Though you can wear a clicker ring in your daith, we also have daith clickers. These are oval shaped, 16 gauge and designed to fit in your daith piercing as well as in other ear cartilage piercings like your rook and other piercing locations like your eyebrow.


Shaped Clickers

Next we have some interesting clicker shapes like these hexagon, square, teardrop and triangle clickers. These clickers can be worn in your septum and ear cartilage.

If you want something different for your ear cartilage piercings, you can’t go wrong with these heart and moon shaped clickers.


Side Set Clickers

Now let’s look at the side set clickers. What makes these different is that the gems or designs on these clickers are on the outer part of the rings, which makes these perfect for lobe or helix piercings. Depending on the design, you can also wear these in your eyebrow or bottom lip, and double it for snake bite piercings. Piercings they wouldn't work in include the madonna piercing and dahlia piercing, because of their placement on the facial anatomy. They may work very well in a vertical labret piercing, however. They often do well in piercings where a curved barbell is used.


Navel / Belly Clickers

Next, let’s look at different styles of navel clickers. For a sleek look we have the rail clickers. To open these, hold the rail tight while pulling the hinge .These are 14 gauge and are great for navel, eyebrow and ear cartilage piercings.

If you like this style, then we have other more ornate clicker navels like these.


Nipple Clickers

Let’s talk about nipple clickers now. These can look a little different. For example the halo nipple clicker that has two hinged sections. To open these, tightly hold the longer hinged section and pull the other side. Once it opens, continue holding the hinged section and pull the wearable post. Insert it, close the longer hinged section first and then the other section.

If you like the seamless look of the halo clickers, we also have nipple clickers that have the hinge mechanism in the back like this one.

And we can’t forget the flat top nipple clickers like these.


We love clickers because they’re so versatile, there are no beads or other pieces to lose, and they come in all types of designs. If you’re ever unsure of where a clicker can be worn, each product page includes the piercing location for each piece.

If you like what you see, shop these and thousands of other jewelry designs at

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