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Published Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What jewelry should I use to hide my piercing?


We understand that you may need to tone down or hide your piercings. Try our retainers and hiders to make your piercings less noticeable. We have all kinds of retainers for all types of piercings like stretched ears, septum, eyebrow piercing, labret / lip piercing, tongue piercing, navel piercing and more.

Jewelry to hide your stretched ears

Silicone hider plugs are the best way to make your stretched lobes less noticeable. They come in a variety of colors for all different types of skin tones. They are also comfortable to wear and reasonably priced.
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Jewelry to Hide Your Septum Piercing

Septum retainers are designed for comfort and to be able to be flipped up in your nose to hide your piercing as needed. Many people still like to wear them as actual jewelry especially with colorful titanium septum retainers like below.

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Titanium septum retainers
Glass septum retainer

Jewelry to Hide Your Labret Piercing

We carry a variety of retainers to hide your lip piercing in acrylic, flexible bioplast, glass, and silicone.
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Glass labret retainer
Silicone labret retainer

Jewelry to Hide Your Belly Piercing

Our acrylic belly retainers / hiders and great not only for helping to hide your belly piercing, but also work well if you need to get an MRI or surgery.

Jewlery to Hide Your Tongue Piercing

Our acrylic tongue retainers / hiders are comfortable to wear, clear, come with a low profile top, and also come in different gauges for those of you with stretched tongue piercings. They are also useful if you need to get an MRI scan.

Curved Jewelry

We carry acrylic, flesh tone, and clear glass curved retainers. These are typically used to hide an eyebrow piercing, but depending on the gauge, you can also use them to hide a belly piercing.
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