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CUSTOM ORDER Septum Retainer

This item will take 5-10 weeks to receive while it's being made to your specifications. Your entire order will not ship until the custom order is completed by the manufacturer. If you need the non custom items sooner, please place a separate order for those.
Sold as a SINGLE
Custom order specifications required
Custom order specifications required
  • Product # 11941
  • Material(s): Pyrex Glass
  • Worn In: Septum
  • Sizes offered: 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g, 2g / 6.5mm, 1g, 0g, 00g/9mm, 00g/10mm, 7/16", 12mm, 1/2"
  • Brand:

Custom orders are items scattered throughout the site in their appropriate categories. They will ALWAYS be noted in the title with "CUSTOM ORDER". Basically you get a lot more control over the item you want and its top quality.  

Majority of custom orders are sent to the manufacturers weekly, but there are some companies that are placed every other week.

Custom order time frames are not chosen by Bodyartforms, but are given to us by each manufacturer on how long it will take them to complete our orders.  The time frame varies depending on the manufacturer and each custom ordered item will have the estimated time frame listed on the item page. All time frames are subject to change without notice. The time frames are on how long it takes the piece to be made and it does not include shipping time.

Your ENTIRE ORDER will be held until we receive all your items. If you want the other items to come before the custom ordered item then you need to PLACE A SEPERATE ORDER. Picking express or priority mail will not get your custom ordered item to you faster, it will only speed up the process AFTER we get your item and ship your order out. Once we receive a complete order, we will ship the order out within 24 hours.

Once an order has been placed with a manufacturer, we are UNABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES! Please double check your specs and that you order the correct size beforehand.

If you want to cancel, remove or change a custom order item there will be a 15% restocking fee on each item because we cannot stop the pieces from being made, nor can we return them to the manufacturer.

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5 Posted on 2/8/2022    by Dominique
Verified purchase 6g  
I like the significant gauge for the septum, which I wear with a Kaos skin and regular rings or just eyelets screwed to the back. I have small round nostrils, so for the hide, the wearing area is often too large, and it obstructs my breathing enough to not wear it. I tried the septum plug, but to insert it, the flares have to be small, so it falls out easily. It's not easy to work with pyrex. 6 gauge, it starts to be big to be "small". So I asked for 1/4 of wearing area or as close as possible to that... Really, it was done at 1/4, I almost forget it and it stays in place. Very, very happy!
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5 Posted on 7/8/2021    by Dominique
Verified purchase 3g  BLACK ONLY
I wear skins very often and a septum is not a lobe, it's stiff. So for the skin to remain round, it's necessary to slightly exceed the final gauge. Normally with a lobe we just have to carry a heavier plug every now and then. But for a 4 gauge septum, it's very difficult to find a fairly heavy piece of jewelry without flairs that doesn't literally block the nostrils ... I have a small space between the nostrils and for this type of jewelry the sides can take up a lot of space , therefore, I requested the smallest possible portability space (1/4), The result is particularly successful; I breathe easily and it's perfect hide. A big thank you!!
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5 Posted on 12/31/2018    by Alexandria
Verified purchase 6g  
This has got to be my favorite septum jewelry!!
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5 Posted on 1/4/2018    by Alexandria
Verified purchase 6g  
I love this retainer, I expected it to be a bit darker but turns out I actually love the color. I am able to flip it up and it does not hang low, which I love. Since my septum was a little bit smaller than 6g (due to the size of my previous septum jewelry) it was a bit painful to put it in & out but it is starting to become easier! Also there is no cheesy smell. None at all and pretty much every single piece of jewlery I ever used left me with that smell. Anyways great piece, I mean the BEST PIECE EVER. Ohh yes and shipping took a little longer than all my other pre orders but who cares with a piece like this! Me love!!!
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5 Posted on 8/22/2016    by Kathryn M.
Verified purchase 10g  
I pre-ordered this Septum Retainer in 10g with a 1/4" width in the "Translucent Purple" Color, and all I can say is, "... it was worth the wait!" I've recently returned to wearing glass in my Septum piercing because it doesn't seem to pick up the weird odors that ordinary materials do ... i.e., stainless steel, etc. However, to avoid any problems with improper fit which could possibly result in the retainer falling out, I've found it best to pre-order them in the exact gauge and width I need. What I like about the "Translucent Purple" color I chose is the fact that it's subtle ... with just a "tint" of light purple, which goes well with the rest of my piercings that are predominately in shades of pink or purple. As always, BAF ships out promptly and always packs a delicate item correctly ... in a box vs. a crushable envelope that the postal system can "destroy in seconds". Thanks, BAF ... you know you've got a "lifetime member" in me!
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