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Clearance Clearance Bin (Organic Hanging Designs)
  • Product # 21420
  • Material(s): BrassBoneHornWood
  • Worn In: Ear lobe
  • Sizes offered: 10g, 8g, 4g, 3g, 2g, 0g, 00g, 00g/9.5mm, 7/16", 9/16"

We do not accept returns on clearance bin items. You know in advance that the item is not in perfect condition. Likewise, we will not take individual pictures.

Items in this bin are flawed, and priced according (50%-75% off.)

Common reasons items are in the organic hanging designs bin:

  • Mismatched pairs (color, shape, size, or all three)
  • Warped designs
  • Samples
  • Singles

All jewelry will be wearable and unbroken (unless you get the broken one for free)--the only exception would be if a small tip broke off of the design; nothing in here will be missing a chunk of swirly designs, or anything that would detract from the jewelry's attractiveness.

We do not accept returns on clearance bin items. You know in advance that the item is not in perfect condition. Likewise, we will not take individual pictures.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is crafted from organic material and the gauge can vary +/- up to 0.5mm.SPECIAL CARE: This item is made with wood. We recommend taking wood jewelry out before showering as water can ruin it.
In our drop-down menus for adding to cart, we show the gauge of the item you are ordering, then the length/diameter, then the ball size if it has any:

Jewelry is measured through a gauge system (see chart below). The higher the gauge number the smaller the wire is. A standard "earring" is usually 20 gauge. Jewelry gauges/sizes can vary between manufacturers. There is no universal regulation on companies to make a standard size in body jewelry. A big part of this is that some jewelry is made overseas and measured in millimeters. And in the USA jewelry is measured in inches/gauges. So many times jewelry can be anywhere from .5mm to 1mm different.

Gauge Millimeter Inch
16g 1.2mm 3/64"
14g 1.6mm 1/16"
12g 2mm 5/64"
10g 2.4mm 3/32"
8g 3.2mm 1/8"
6g 4mm 5/32"
4g 5mm 3/16"
2g 6mm 1/4"
0g 8mm 5/16"
00g 9mm to 10mm 3/8"
  11mm 7/16"
  13mm 1/2"
  14mm 9/16"
  16mm 5/8"
  19mm 3/4"
  22mm 7/8"
  25mm 1"
  26.9mm 1-1/16"
  28.5mm 1-1/8"
  30.1mm 1-3/16"
  31.7mm 1-1/4"
  33.3mm 1-5/16"
  34.9mm 1-3/8"
  36.5mm 1-7/16"
  38.1mm 1-1/2"
  39.6mm 1-9/16"
  41.2mm 1-5/8"
  44.4mm 1-3/4"
  47.6mm 1-7/8"
  51mm 2"
Enlarged example of 1" on ruler
Ruler example
The items below will not be re-stocked.
8g Oracle Bone Ornate Pincher (Single) (3.5mm) - $5.95
4g Oracle Black Horn Pincher 5.5mm (Single) - $5.95
4g 5.5mm Oracle Black Horn Carved Septum Spike (Single) - $6.95
0g Oracle Black Horn Ornate Pincher (Single) - $8.95
4g 5/16" 4.7mm Tiger Ebony Wood Labret - $8.95
00g/9.5mm Oracle Black Horn Subang Lotus Tapers (Pair) (Mismatched - $9.95
2g Peach Aventurine Tail Spiral (SINGLE) - $11.95
10g Diablo Black Horn Labret (single) - $12.95
4g Diablo Ebony Wood Pincher (Single) - $14.95
8g Diablo Bloodwood Labret (Single) - $14.95
2g 6mm Ebony Wood Hanging Gecko Design (Pair) (Not Mirrored) - $16.95
10g Brass Dream Catcher Hoop Design (Pair) (Missing Turquoise Cabochon on one side) - $17.95
9/16" Bandaru Dalmatian Jasper Keyhole Weight (Single) - $19.95
8g Chakte Kok Wood Lavish Design (Pair)(Mistmatch) - $19.95
9/16" Diablo Goldstone Medium Hoop (Single) - $19.95
9/16" Diablo Opalite Medium Hoop (Single) - $19.95
3g Diablo Amber Labret (Single) (rough)(5.7mm) - $19.95
0g Oracle Saba Wood Temple Trinity Spiral (Broken Tip) - $21.95
8g Maya Tewel Wood Elfin Design (Pair)(Glued Crack) - $29.95
7/16" Tawapa Black horn Swallow tail design (mismatched) (pair) - $29.95
9/16" Oracle Lapis Pyramid Weight (Single) - $29.95
8g Tawapa White Mother of Pearl Ambrosia Design (Pair)(Miscolored) - $33.95
00g/9.5mm Oracle Saba Wood Shark Attack Design (Pair) (Broken Tail) - $39.95
7/16" Bloodwood Cascade Design (pair)(broken tip) - $44.95
2g Oracle Ebony Wood Locked and Loaded Hanging Design (Pair) (One is miss key) - $44.95
2g Maya Bone Asana Design (Pair)(Warped) - $44.95
7/16" Goldstone Jasmine Design (Single) - $49.95
2g Tawapa Ebony Wood Flower of Siam Hanging Design (Pair) (Glued) - $59.95
00g Oracle Opalite Spirals (pair) (Glass slightly rough - not perfectly smooth/polished) - $69.95
0g Diablo onyx hoops (SINGLE) - $12.95
00g/9.5mm Black Horn U-Shape Pincher (single) - $5.00
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