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Titanium Internally Threaded Gem Disc End
Sold as a SINGLE

These will thread onto most internally threaded jewelry, as long as the brands use M1 threading. However, the threads are slightly long, so the end may not sit flush on some internally threaded posts.

We recommend threading these onto Metal Mafia labrets.

In our drop-down menus for adding to cart, we show the gauge of the item you are ordering, then the length/diameter, then the ball size if it has any:

Jewelry is measured through a gauge system (see chart below). The higher the gauge number the smaller the wire is. A standard "earring" is usually 20 gauge. Jewelry gauges/sizes can vary between manufacturers. There is no universal regulation on companies to make a standard size in body jewelry. A big part of this is that some jewelry is made overseas and measured in millimeters. And in the USA jewelry is measured in inches/gauges. So many times jewelry can be anywhere from .5mm to 1mm different.

Gauge Millimeter Inch
16g 1.2mm 3/64"
14g 1.6mm 1/16"
12g 2mm 5/64"
10g 2.4mm 3/32"
8g 3.2mm 1/8"
6g 4mm 5/32"
4g 5mm 3/16"
2g 6mm 1/4"
0g 8mm 5/16"
00g 9mm to 10mm 3/8"
  11mm 7/16"
  13mm 1/2"
  14mm 9/16"
  16mm 5/8"
  19mm 3/4"
  22mm 7/8"
  25mm 1"
  26.9mm 1-1/16"
  28.5mm 1-1/8"
  30.1mm 1-3/16"
  31.7mm 1-1/4"
  33.3mm 1-5/16"
  34.9mm 1-3/8"
  36.5mm 1-7/16"
  38.1mm 1-1/2"
  39.6mm 1-9/16"
  41.2mm 1-5/8"
  44.4mm 1-3/4"
  47.6mm 1-7/8"
  51mm 2"
Enlarged example of 1" on ruler
Ruler example
18g/16g 2.5mm Dark rainbow crystal - $4.95
18g/16g 2.5mm Black - $4.95
18g/16g 4mm Tanzanite - $4.95
18g/16g 4mm Pink - $4.95
14g/12g 3mm Tanzanite - $4.95
14g/12g 4mm Volcano - $4.95
14g/12g 4mm Red - $4.95
14g/12g 5mm Light Colorado topaz - $4.95
14g/12g 5mm Black - $4.95
14g/12g 5mm Blue zircon - $4.95
14g/12g 8mm AB - $8.95
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