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Cobalt Chrome Clicker Ring

Sold as a SINGLE
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Cobalt-chrome (CoCr) consists of chrome, cobalt and is, in this case, nickel free. It is a metal alloy that has outstanding strength and corrosion resistance. 

  • It is biocompatible, cobalt-chrome is often used for making dental and orthopedic implants, as well as finger rings.    
  • Slightly lighter than steel, the weight of cobalt chrome is comparable to titanium, which makes it well suited to wear in piercings where the weight of the jewelry is a concern.  
  • When well-polished it has a color and mirror-like sheen that resembles precious metals like white gold or platinum.   Unlike those precious metals, however, cobalt chrome's high resistance to wear means that it does not require a protective layer of rhodium plating, and it will retain its polish and premium color over time.

Sizes 10g and larger have a small gap by the hinge (see photo).  Larger sizes require tools to both close the ring securely and may require them to open the ring.

More septum clickers are available here.

12g 12mm High Polish - $14.95
10g 5/16" High Polish - $15.95
8g 10mm High Polish - $17.95
8g 12mm High Polish - $17.95
8g 5/8" High Polish - $17.95
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5 Posted on 5/18/2023    by Adelaide
Verified purchase 16g 7mm High Polish
Super cute in my nose piercings. A little fiddly to get in but once in I haven't lost a single one yet.
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5 Posted on 5/18/2023    by Adelaide
Verified purchase 6g 5/16" High Polish
The edge is a little on the sharper side but I love how this fits my nose. Also probably the most secure, I have not had this fall out at all. It's still easy to take off though. 10/10
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5 Posted on 4/28/2023    by Terrie
Verified purchase 16g 7mm High Polish
Great shine, well made & true-to-size! I think I have 12 of these cobalt chrome rings in 16g thru 6g. A good jewelry staple to have.
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4 Posted on 3/22/2023    by Shannon
Verified purchase 8g 5/16" High Polish
I love this clicker so much I had to buy another one when mine went down the shower drain yesterday morning. I probably should have purchased two just in case. The only problem I've had with this clicker is that it was loose and came undone very easily, which is why I lost it down the drain. I still wore it everyday and didn't have too many problems with it. I just mess with my nose a lot in my sleep, which can be a problem with three nose piercings, so I would often wake up and be missing my nose ring and then I'm digging around the sheets trying to find it and hoping it doesn't go in between the bed and the wall. All that being said, this jewelry is very shiny and hugs my septum perfectly without being too tight!
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4 Posted on 2/16/2023    by Adelaide
Verified purchase 6g 10mm High Polish
This takes the cake for the sharpest edge I've ever put in my nose. I had been at 6ga in the circular barbell I got but this did not go in smoothly for a couple weeks. Only now have I gotten it in. It's perfect now that I've gotten it in but wow. It pinched WAY more than it should have but it's literally the shiniest so I'm not sure how to feel yet. The edges are super smooth when closed. I never got to see the old clasps but this new clasp has a 90° angle where the latch mechanism opens up, it makes for a super smooth finish when closed but it's SHARP... I must have gorilla fingers because I can open this without needing any tools. Super cute and now that it is in my nose I love it.
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