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Elevate your ear game with our exceptional collection of ear gauges, plugs, and tunnels. Whether you're starting your ear-stretching journey or expanding well-loved lobes, we offer a vast selection to complement your unique style. Shop our wide variety of ear-stretching essentials:
  • Materials: Explore stone (including obsidian, opalite, amethyst, agate, labradorite, and rose quartz), glass, titanium, steel, silicone, wood, and acrylic plugs.
  • Styles: Discover plugs, gauges, tunnels (including and teardrop plugs), and best-selling body jewelry designs.
  • Sizes: Find your perfect fit, from 16g to 3 inches.
Are you new to stretching? We have everything you need, including ear-stretching kits, to embark on a successful journey. Learn more with our comprehensive ear-stretching guide.