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Published Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Weight Guide

This suggestion popped up in our inbox:

“I think it would benefit people if there was some kind of guide, even a loose / general one, to help people know how much weight is right for their lobes and their size. Even just to say ‘stop at this weight to maintain your size’ or ‘heavier than this weight will help you stretch.’ I realize everyone’s ears and skin are different, but any kind of reference would help, I think. thanks!”

Thanks! We really appreciate your feedback, so here are some answers.


Is this a good weight for me? Is it too heavy? Can I use this weight to stretch?

The first thing that I want to cover is that last question. Should you use a weight to stretch? The answer is almost universally, “No.” The reason no one recommends this is because the weight will promote thinning at the bottom of your lobe, and that’s definitely not what you want. You want the stretch to be even in all directions as much as possible, and we’ll cover that in another blog entry that’s focused on stretching. Basically, weights are for decoration, and should be worn for an occasion and then taken off before you start to stretch.

The idea of a reference guide for weights, on the other hand, is a really great one, and we’ve made one up for you guys below, using some common points of reference. We weighed different plugs of different sizes and materials, the kind of thing you’re likely to have if you have stretched lobes, and we’ve compared those numbers to the weights of some of our most popular weights in different sizes and materials.

As a common...

Denominator for some larger weights, I came up with this:

That’s right. It’s a USA quarter. Chances are you have some around somewhere (if you live in the United States). Four quarters weigh in at about 22 grams. If you round up some change and weigh it in your hand you’ll have a really good idea of how much a weight weighs.

As for the rest,

Here are some common weights of our popular plug types, along with the weights of some popular weights for comparison.

Diablo Organics Hematite Stone Plugs
Size Grams Ounces
7/16" 7.7 0.27
1/2" 9.4 0.33
9/16" 11.3 0.40
5/8" 15.1 0.53
3/4" 23.21 0.81
7/8" 32.6 1.14
1" 41.4 1.45

Diablo Organics Black Agate Stone Plugs
Size Grams Ounces
7/16" 3.5 0.12
1/2" 4.3 0.15
9/16" 5.9 0.21
5/8" 7.5 0.26
3/4" 11.8 0.41
7/8" 16.2 0.57
1" 20.8 0.73

Bloodwood Plugs
Size Grams Ounces
7/16" 1 0.04
1/2" 1.4 0.05
9/16" 2 0.07
5/8" 2.8 0.10
3/4" 4.5 0.16
7/8" 4.9 0.17
1" 7.3 0.26

Gorilla Glass Double Flare Blue Amber Pyrex Plugs
Size Grams Ounces
7/16" 2.8 0.10
1/2" 3.8 0.13
5/8" 6.6 0.23
3/4" 9.7 0.34
7/8" 14.9 0.52
1" 20.2 0.71

Glasswear Studios Double Flare Sparkle Brown Pyrex Plugs
Size Grams Ounces
7/16" 2.6 0.09
1/2" 4.7 0.16
9/16" 5.3 0.19
5/8" 6.7 0.23
3/4" 9.8 0.34
7/8" 13.8 0.48
1" 18.5 0.65