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About our company
Our Charitable Giving
Giving to charities has always been important to us. We give to many charities on a monthly basis (listed below) and we also give annual donations to many other charities not listed here.
In 2020 we donated 21% of our profits to charity
In 2019 we donated 21% of our profits to charity
In 2018 we donated 7% of our profits to charity
In 2017 we donated 30% of our profits to charity
In 2016 we donated 17% of our profits to charity
In 2015 we donated 30% of our profits to charity
Charities we donate to monthly
  • Austin Humane Society
  • Austin Pets Alive
  • Central Texas Food Bank
  • Dean Schneider Foundation
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Tenneessee
  • Emancipet
  • Humane Farming Association
  • Innocense Project
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  • Meals on wheels
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • NPR /
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Starry
  • Survival International
  • The Bail Project
  • About body jewelry

    The removable end [dark blue] has a slightly curved pin. This pin straightens out when inserted into the shaft [light blue]. The resulting spring tension force holds the two pieces together securely.

    Step 1:
    Insert the pin about halfway into the shaft
    Step 2:
    Bend the pin slightly by hand as shown.
    Tighter fit: Bend the pin a little more.
    Easier fit: Straighten out the pin a little.
    Step 3:
    Push in the removable end to close
    Step 4:
    Pull apart both ends to remove. If the jewelry is tight, add a slight twisting motion while you pull out the removable end.
    Order Questions
    First off, we're very sorry that something was wrong on your order! And we'll work as quickly as possible to fix it. Any item that has arrived broken, damaged, or incorrect is eligible for a replacement even if it's not in it's sealed bag.

    If you've already registered an account with us, the quickest way to report a problem is through your order history page. You'll see a "Report Order Problem" button next to the order.

    If you don't have an account or just want to talk to us directly then use our contact page.

    Pre-orders are items scattered throughout the site in their appropriate categories. They will ALWAYS be noted in the title with "PRE-ORDER". Basically you get a lot more control over the item you want and its top quality.  

    Majority of pre-orders are sent to the manufacturers weekly, but there are some companies that are placed every other week.

    Pre-order time frames are not chosen by Bodyartforms, but are given to us by each manufacturer on how long it will take them to complete our orders.  The time frame varies depending on the manufacturer and each pre-order item will have the estimated time frame listed on the item page. All time frames are subject to change without notice. The time frames are on how long it takes the piece to be made and it does not include shipping time.

    Your ENTIRE ORDER will be held until we receive all your items. If you want the other items to come before the pre-order item then you need to PLACE A SEPERATE ORDER. Picking express or priority mail will not get your pre-order item to you faster, it will only speed up the process AFTER we get your item and ship your order out. Once we receive a complete order, we will ship the order out within 24 hours.

    Once an order has been placed with a manufacturer, we are UNABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES! Please double check your specs and that you order the correct size beforehand.

    If you want to cancel, remove or change a pre-order item there will be a 15% restocking fee on each item because we cannot stop the pieces from being made, nor can we return them to the manufacturer.

    We would love to make it easy and say there is a set size (length, diameter, gauge) that you can buy for a piece of jewelry, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Each persons body is different and jewelry needs to be appropriately fitted for YOU and not someone else.

    We do have a Measurement help page that can assist with size conversions as well as give some basic information on how body jewelry is measured. We suggest starting out by buying a few economically priced items in various lengths or diameters. When you find the one that fits then you can start investing in more jewelry.

    Any order can be cancelled as long as it has not shipped out. Once an order has shipped out, unfortunately we are unable to cancel. Once you receive the order you are more than welcome to return it for a full refund (less shipping) as long as the jewelry bags are still sealed.

    To cancel an order:
    Contact us with your invoice # and let us know you want it cancelled. Our customer service team is open Mon - Fri and happy to assist you. If you are a registered customer you can also cancel your order from your order history page.

    Payment Questions
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
    You will receive an email order confirmation usually within 20 minutes after placing a successful order. For registered customers, you will also see the order in your order history. If you have not received an email, then either:
    • Spam filters might have put the email in your junk email box
    • You may have entered your email wrong and it never got to you
    • The card was declined or rejected for some reason.
    Feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is open Mon - Fri and we're happy to assist you.
    When you place an order online (whether it's approved or declined) the system checks your account to see if the funds are available and if the billing information matches. If it comes back declined your bank will "hold" the funds for around 5 working days and then the charge will drop off. We're not sure why banks hold the funds on declined charges... but they all seem to do it. Only an approved charge will actually *clear* your account.
    On average it takes about a week for payments to arrive to us. Sometimes it takes longer. We don't have any control over how fast the post office gets payments to us. If you want to ensure that it gets to us, please insure your payment. If you sent a money order and by some chance the paymnt does not arrive, you can usually take the receipt to the place you got it made (POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ARE BEST) and they can re-issue a money order. If you paid by cash, then unfortunately there's not much we can do.

    By default, money order or cash orders do not show up on the website until the payment is received. If you have a store account you'll know when we have received payment because your order will show up and the status will either say "Pending...shipment" or "Shipped". You can check your order status through your account any time online by going to your order history page.

    Also, once we receive and process your payment, your order will ship out on the next business day (unless it's a pre-order). Both registered and unregistered customers, get a confirmation email when your order ships out.

    Send your payment in USA funds only. Please make all money orders out to Bodyartforms. If it's cash please wrap it in extra paper so that it's concealed and do not send loose change. Include in your envelope your invoice number, e-mail, and name. The payment can be mailed to:

    1966 S Austin Ave
    Austin, TX 78626
    Shipping Questions
    • Free DHL Basic Mail shipping for orders that reach $50 in the domestic USA

    • $4.95 - USA DHL Basic mail
      Average delivery time 7-14 business days

    • $5.95 - USA DHL Expedited Max
      Estimated delivery time: 3-4 business days (DHL does not pick up on weekends)

    • $4.95 - USA USPS First Class Mail
      Average delivery time 7-14 business days

    • $7.95 - USA USPS Priority mail
      Estimated delivery time: 2-3 business days (USPS does not pick up on weekends)

    • $13.95 - USA USPS Priority mail heavy
      Estimated delivery time: 2-3 business days (USPS does not pick up on weekends)

    • $23.95 - USA USPS Express mail
      Estimated delivery time: 1-2 business days (USPS does not pick up on weekends)

    • $4.95 - Canada DHL GlobalMail Packet Priority
      Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks (COVID-19 delays)

    • $6.95 - Canada DHL GlobalMail Parcel Priority
      Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks (COVID-19 delays)

    • $44.95 - Canada USPS Express mail international
      Estimated delivery time 3-5 days (USPS does not pick up on weekends)

    • $4.95 - International DHL GlobalMail Packet Priority
      Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks (COVID-19 delays)

    • $7.95 - International DHL GlobalMail Parcel Priority
      Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks (COVID-19 delays)

    • $65.95 - International USPS Express mail international
      Estimated delivery time 3-5 business days (USPS does not pick up on weekends)

    Almost all packages should have some type of delivery confirmation or tracking on them. Use that # (found in your order history) to see where your package is at. Sometimes however, the status may not be updated but the package will still show up. Unfortunately packages can occasionally be lost either via USPS or UPS, but it is rare. If this happens and your package does get lost, please contact us to see what your options are.
    If you feel your package has been lost in the mail, please contact us.
    Almost all packages are shipped within 24 hours of order placement (Mon thru Fri only). After an item has shipped here is the timetable on when it should arrive at your doorstep:
    • UPS ground (US only) usually takes 5-7 business days
    • Priority mail/Post Office (US only) usually takes 2-3 business days
    • Standard mail/Post Office (US only) usually takes 7-14 business days
    International orders usually take 10-21 working days. (Please be aware that this is an estimated delivery time. If a package gets pulled aside by customs in your country it *could* take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive.)
    Yes we do! :)

    As much as we'd love to control every aspect of getting a package to you, there are some things that we can not :( We want you to be aware that that will we do our part and ship your package ASAP, but customs issues and regulations are outside the control of the USA Postal Service.

    • Your country will possibly charge taxes or fees on shipments. You will be responsible for paying any of the fees issued by customs.
    • Global shipments can also be held by your country through customs. They do not notify us, or you when this happens. We've seen delays up to 6 weeks.

    Here is a list of the international countries that we currently ship to. If you live outside of this list, you may contact us with your order that you would like to place and we'll see if we can work something out. Usually for countries outside this list, we can accept payment made in US money order.

    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Canada
    • Denmark
    • England
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Great Britain
    • Holland
    • Hong Kong
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Singapore
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • UAE
    • United Kingdom
    • USA
    If you are a registered customer you can login to your account and see your entire order history. If not, you'll get an e-mail confirmation when your order ships.

    If you have other questions feel free to contact us!
    If any of your items sell out after you have paid, we will automatically place the item on backorder and ship it once we get the item back in stock. We will ship your other items (if any) asap, and on your invoice you will see comments on what item(s) have been backordered. If you do not want to wait for your backorder to come in, you are more than welcome to email us and we can:
    • Exchange the item for something of equal value
    • Get an in-store credit for the item (you'll need to be registered)
    • Get a refund for the item (credit card/PayPal purchases only)
    Account Questions
    You can place an order without being a registering customer. BUT, you do get benefits by registering (see directly below).
    Click here to create a Bodyartforms account and receive a one time 10% off coupon code!

    You will get access to these features after you sign up:
    • Add items to your wishlist
    • You can use the save for later feature in your shopping cart
    • (Optional) Store shipping addresses and credit cards securely in your account
    • Save your custom filtering options so that each time you come to the site you can easily access them
    • By reviewing jewelry and submitting photos (while logged into your account), you can earn points that you can later turn into store credits. For every 10 points you earn you can get a .50¢ store credit. These apply to APPROVED reviews and photos only. For every approved review you submit you'll get 1 point. For every approved photo you get 3 points.
    Most of our orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment Mon-Fri. If you notice that you have ordered an incorrect item, notify us immediately. We can change an order as long as it has not shipped out.
    Every baggie that is shipped in your order will be sealed. If you want to return a product because you are disatisfied with it, you are more than welcome to do so as long as the baggies seal is not broken. Broken seals = no return.
    Sorry, but we do not sell wholesale.
    All of our body jewelry and earrings are shipped brand new and never worn, but not sterile. However, we do offer autoclave sterilization services that you can add to eligible products at checkout.