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Published Thursday, April 13, 2023

How To Order Custom Jewelry

You Want Custom? We've Got Custom

We have a bunch of customizable jewelry on the site. Can we put a pic of your grandma on that barbell? Nope. But what we can do, in many cases, is change the color, size or type of stone in a piece of jewelry.

Take this item for example:

This navel comes in solid gold, and you can choose between yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. You can also choose one of six length options. That's 18 different navels in just one product listing.

But what if gold isn't your thing?

This clicker is titanium, and it can be anodized. Through the anodizing process, titanium can be made many different colors without having to plate it. The surface color of the titanium is changed using high voltage electricity and an ion solution, but the surface your skin interacts with is still titanium. So this jewelry can be anodized to a dozen different colors, and there's even a rainbow option!

How Do Custom Orders Work?

Easy as pie! If you want to search custom orders only, you can do that via the site’s filters. Simply select the option for Custom Orders > Show ONLY Custom Orders. You can also find custom orders under the Categories option of the filters. But of course, that will show you ALL of the custom orders, and you’re probably looking for something specific. You can also select the type and size of the jewelry you’re looking for. If we can order it, it’ll pop up in the search.

Here’s an example of what the selections look like for finding custom order septum jewelry:

How Long Does It Take?

Each item will have a timeframe listed in the item description. Different items take different amounts of time. You will also see the timeframe at checkout and in an additional popup message when going to pay. Just to make sure.

We will hold your entire order until the custom item is ready, so you only have to pay for shipping once (or not at all, if you’ve qualified for free shipping!). If this is inconvenient, you can always place one order for your custom item and a separate order for the other items to ship immediately.

Here’s an example of the timeframe messages so you’ll know what to look for:


This is from the product listing:


These are from the checkout:

As you can see, we want to make sure that you know when to expect your item to be ready! And we verify it twice just to be sure.

That’s all there is to custom ordering. You can choose materials, colors, sizes, different kinds of gems and lots more on many of our listings. And of course, we also have tons of jewelry already customized in stock to choose from immediately.

Here’s a look at our custom listings: