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Published Wednesday, January 25, 2023

So You Want To Anodize Something

Anodizing titanium is the process of changing the oxide layer on the surface of the titanium, using electricity and chemistry. It's not a form of plating, and the oxide layer already exists when the anodizing is done. In other words, there's naturally an oxide layer there, and by putting electricity through the titanium, while it's immersed in chemicals, you can change the color.


But of course, your first question is probably...

Is Anodized Titanium Safe?

Yes. At Bodyartforms, we don't use harsh chemicals for this process. We use a low acid solution that conducts electricity. Once submerged, we change the color of the titanium based on the voltage of the electricity that's fed through the jewelry. After this process is completed, we thoroughly clean the titanium jewelry in distilled water to remove any trace of the low acid solution. Because this is not a form of plating, the surface of the titanium is still titanium, meaning the composition of the material hasn't changed.


How Do I Get Some Of That Sweet Color?

We've continued to expand our titanium anodizing process to include a huge variety of our implant grade titanium jewelry. That means that for some listings of titanium on the site, you'll see this:

What If I Don't See That?

You can always ask our customer service team. We're adding it to new listings all the time! One of the main reasons a product might not have that option yet is that we still need to color test the product to make sure the anodizing process won't discolor natural stone inlays or other non-titanium surfaces.

Do You Do All Your Anodizing In House?

Nope! Some of our products come from premium brands like Invictus where they handle some anodizing in house. But for many of our products we now do the anodizing ourselves in order to reduce wait time for our customers. Custom colors only delay your order for less than a week, when they used to have to be ordered through the vendor -- a process that could take weeks or months depending on the vendor.

How Does Rainbow and Oilslick Anodizing Work?

Careful planning. Because titanium will change to a different color depending on the voltage applied, a piece of jewelry can be 'painted' with a special high voltage brush. By setting the brush at a low voltage, you can change the titanium color once. You can then brush over it in places with a higher voltage. The higher voltage changes the color again. Repeating this process in different kinds of patterns produces the oilslick and rainbow colors.