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Published Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How to insert a single flare plug or tunnel / eyelet into your lobe piercing

Single flare jewelry is a solid plug or tunnel where one end is flared and the other end is flat.
How to measure single flare plugs
  • Gauge - Measure the size of the plug across the middle.
  • Wearable area - Measure straight across the side of the plug between where one flare starts and where the o-ring starts.
  • Flare size / rise - Measure the distance from the side of the plug to where the flare ends. (see image of double flare plugs)

How do you insert single flare jewelry?

  1. Before you put on any jewelry, don’t forget to wash your hands and moisturize your lobes. Here's a link to our primers, salves, and oils.

  2. Insert the non-flared end of the jewelry straight into your piercing. If it has an o-ring you can attach it after your jewelry has been inserted.

If you’re new to the size, go slow. You should also have a longer wearable length to accommodate for swelling if you're stretching a piercing or have a new piercing.