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Published Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How to insert Silicone Earskins and Teardrop Eyelets /Tunnels for Stretched Lobes

How to insert silicone earskins

Silicone earskins and eyelets are a popular choice due to their light weight, comfort and versatility. Their soft, flexible material makes them great for exercise, sleeping, and participating in sports, and silicone is also great for cold weather or water-based activities. They're mostly worn in lobes, but the smaller sizes are also useful for things like stretched septums.

Please note that while silicone is a great material, it is for fully healed piercings, and not recommended for stretching or freshly stretched lobes.

  1. First, you always want to make sure your hands and jewelry are clean. Silicone is water safe, so you can easily wash these with a bit of gentle soap and warm water.

  2. Next, moisturize your lobes. Silicone eyelets are flexible and have much more give than other materials, generally making them easier to insert, but something like a little Jojoba oil can ease the process and ensure your lobes stay comfortable and moisturized all day.

  3. Now, take the earskin and gently pinch it between your fingers, and slide it into your lobe. Release it and adjust as needed. Because silicone is so flexible, it should pop in easily.

You can also wear multiple earskins at once to get a stacked effect! You just need to go down one size for each additional earskin.

How to insert small earskins

Smaller earskins can be a bit tricky, and might require a slightly different technique.

  1. To insert a small earskin, first make sure your hands and jewelry are clean, and your ears moisturized.

  2. Hold the jewelry between your fingers and position it behind your lobe, thumb pressed against the back of the earskin. Now, with the jewelry pressed between your lobe and thumb, move your fingers to the front of your lobe. Gently press, and the eyelet should pop right through your lobe.

  3. Another method for inserting smaller earskins is to fold the earskin in half, and insert into your lobe, letting it pop back open once in.

Because silicone is soft and flexible, this should not be painful, however as always, if anything ever hurts, stop and let your ears rest. For very small eyelets, tweezers can be used to help grab the jewelry and ease it through your piercing, however please exercise caution when doing so, so as not to hurt yourself or tear the silicone.

How to insert thicker silicone eylets


Silicone eyelets are very similar to earskins. The main difference is their flat flare, and slightly thicker design. They have a little less give than earskins, but are still perfectly flexible.

  1. To insert a silicone eyelet, first make sure your hands and jewelry are clean, and your ears are moisturized.

  2. Next, pinch the eyelet between your fingers with one hand, and gently pull your lobe down with the other,

  3. Place the bottom of the eyelet against your lobe and gently insert. Release the eyelet so it pops back into shape, and adjust as needed.