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Published Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How to clean / care for wood plugs & jewelry

Before you start cleaning any type of jewelry, make sure you wash your hands and that the area you will be using is clean. You don’t want to introduce more bacteria to your jewelry. Wood jewelry can dry out and crack if not taken care of.

  1. To clean them before wear, first use a soft cloth to remove any dust.

  2. It’s okay to use a damp cloth and even a mild soap to wash the wood, but remember to dry the jewelry immediately.

  3. Next, massage a bit of jojoba oil into the wood and wipe away the excess. If you want some extra shine, add a bit of olive oil or beeswax to a soft cloth and shine the wood. 

  4. To keep your wood jewelry looking its best, oil it regularly and keep it away from water!


Soaking your jewelry in water or exposing your jewelry to water for long periods of time will damage the wood. 

Best storage location for wood:

Storing your wood jewelry in a jewelry pouch will help avoid dust and moisture.  We also recommend storing both your wood and your oil in a cool, dark place.