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Published Saturday, August 19, 2023

How to Remove and Reinsert a Captive Bead Ring: A Simple Guide

In this guide, we'll show you how to remove and reinsert a captive bead ring with ease. Whether you're changing your style or simply cleaning your jewelry, we've got you covered!

Step-by-Step: Removing the Captive Bead Ring

  1. Gently Twist the Ring: Hold the ring with one hand and gently twist it to create enough space to grab the bead with your other finger.
  2. Grab the Bead: Using your free finger, carefully grasp the bead and hold it firmly.
  3. Remove the Bead: Continue pulling gently on the ring while holding the bead. The bead should come out smoothly.

Step-by-Step: Reinserting the Captive Bead Ring

  1. Align the Dimples: To put the bead back in, align the dimples on the bead with the metal ring. You may use a mirror to help if needed.
  2. Center the Bead: Carefully feel for the contact points of the ring with the dimples on the bead. Center the bead in place.
  3. Done! Congratulations, you've successfully reinserted the captive bead ring. It should be secure and comfortable.

Using Tools for Extra Tight Rings

If your captive bead ring is too tight to easily remove or reinsert, you can use ring opening pliers to assist you:
  1. Insert the Grooved End: Place the grooved end of the pliers through the ring.
  2. Gently Open the Pliers: Gradually open the pliers until the ring catches on the grooves.
  3. Apply Gentle Pressure: Carefully apply slight pressure to open the ring just enough to remove or insert the bead. Avoid applying too much force to avoid damaging the jewelry.

Tips and Precautions

  • Use Properly Sized Rings: Ensure your captive bead ring fits properly to facilitate easy removal and reinsertion.
  • Be Gentle: Handle the jewelry delicately to avoid warping or damaging it.
  • Seek Professional Help: If you encounter difficulties or feel unsure about handling your jewelry, consult a professional piercer for assistance.


Removing and reinserting a captive bead ring is a straightforward process once you know the right technique. With our easy guide, you can confidently change your jewelry and keep your piercing looking fresh! For more body jewelry tips and updates, follow us on all our socials @Bodyartforms!