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Published Thursday, October 12, 2023

Seamless rings are smooth all around, which make them a popular jewelry option. But if you've never used one before, they can be a little tricky. Let’s go over some basics about seamless rings.

What is a seamless ring?

A seamless ring is a ring that doesn’t have a clasp or hinge to open it. Instead, the ring has a very small opening where the two ends of the ring meet. When the ring is closed properly, there shouldn’t be a gap between the two ends—making it seamless. Seamless rings come in different shapes, diameters, gauges and some even have decorative pieces. You can see several examples of seamless rings below.

How do you open a seamless ring?

If you’ve never had to open or close a seamless ring, it can be tricky. Opening the ring without knowing how to do it properly can damage the shape of the seamless ring. To open a seamless ring properly, first locate the area where both of the ends meet. Hold each side of the ring with your thumb and index finger. Gently twist each side in opposite directions. One side should be twisted towards you and the other away from you. Open it wide enough to be able to insert it in your piercing. You can see how the ring in the picture below is opened correctly. 

DO NOT open the ring by pulling apart both of the ends horizontally. This will cause the shape of the ring to become distorted.

How do you close a seamless ring?

To close a seamless ring, you will reverse the opening motion and twist both sides back towards each other to close the gap. It’s ok if the ends go past each other. It can take a couple of tries to get both ends to align with each other. You want to make sure that both ends are aligned properly and that there’s no gap in between. Leaving the ends unaligned or leaving the gap can cause discomfort and irritation as the jewelry moves around your piercing. The entire ring should feel smooth when the ring is closed right. 
In the video below you can see how to open and close a seamless ring properly.

What if I bent the seamless ring out of shape?

If you didn’t initially open the ring correctly and now your ring doesn’t look like a circle anymore, it may be possible to make it a circle again. Try twisting it back into shape as you close the ring properly. The ends may go past each other multiple times as you try to twist the ring back into shape.

Where can I use seamless rings?

One of the best things about using seamless rings is that they’re so versatile! You use them as nose hoops, in your septum, in your ear on the helix, conch, lobe, and even along your lip. Keep in mind that using smaller seamless rings may be a little harder to open and close because you will have less room to use your fingers to twist it. You can consider sizing up to the next diameter to make it easier to open and close the ring. Using a bigger gauge can also make it harder to open and close the ring. We recommend using rubber gloves to get a good grip on the ring. If you have trouble inserting or removing the ring, we recommend that you reach out to your piercer to help you.

How do you measure your seamless ring?

If you need to size your seamless ring up or down in diameter or gauge as we mentioned above, check out the image below to see what areas you need to measure. For the diameter of the ring, you need to measure the inner diameter of the ring across the center. The gauge of the ring is how thick the ring is. You can use calipers to measure both the diameter or gauge of the ring or our gauge card.

Check out the video below to see how to measure your seamless ring. For our complete measurement guide, click here. If you’re ready to rock some seamless rings, check out our seamless rings here