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Published Friday, February 17, 2023

How threadless body jewelry works

So, what is a threadless end?

Do you ever have trouble screwing in a threaded end in those hard to see places? Let’s talk about them!

A threadless end is a type of ball, disc, or design end for jewelry. It can be interchanged between different posts, or swapped out for different ends to suit your look. In that regard, they are similar to threaded ends. Unlike threaded ends, which feature a screw-like threading, threadless ends feature a pin design.

At first glance, a threadless end might almost look like a stud earring. The difference is that the post for a stud earring will be thicker, and often feature these little divots to catch and hold the earring back, while the pin for the threadless end is much thinner and perfectly smooth. 

You might be wondering, then, if the pin doesn’t have those divots or the threaded design, how does it stay attached to a barbell post? The answer is tension, and to achieve that tension, the post has to be bent ever so slightly.

Insert the pin about 1/3 to halfway into the post and gently bend it downward.
Push the end all the way into the post to test the fit.
More bend = tighter fit


The easiest way to bend the pin is to use its corresponding barbell. Simply slide the pin halfway into the hole, and give it a gentle bend. The more intense the bend, the greater the tension and tighter hold your barbell will have on the end.

However, make sure not to bend it too much, as you could accidentally kink your jewelry or even break the post if it's made from a softer metal like gold. The bend and resulting tension should be enough to keep your jewelry firmly together, however it shouldn’t be so tight that tools are required to secure or remove the end.

To insert your now-bent end, simply slide the pin into the hole of the post, and press them straight together. You should feel some slight resistance from the bent pin, but you shouldn’t have to struggle.

To remove the end, simply grab the end with one hand and the post with the other, and pull straight apart. If the jewelry is tight, adding a slight twisting motion while pulling on the end will help remove the piece. If you’re doing this over your sink, don’t forget to plug your drain or put a cloth over it so you don’t lose your jewelry. 

Because threadless ends have a pin design as opposed to a threaded one, you will have to use specifically designed threadless barbell posts. These are posts with a smooth insertion hole, as opposed to a threaded screw-type one. They are not interchangeable with one another, and a threadless end requires a threadless post. That said, nearly all threadless ends will be interchangeable with any threadless post, so you don’t have to worry about the gauge size of the threading itself.

While threadless ends are often a great alternative to threaded ends, they aren’t suitable for all piercings. They aren’t suitable for inner mouth piercings, such as tongues, or tongue webs, as long exposure to saliva can cause the pin to loosen over time, and come out, which could risk the jewelry being lost or swallowed. They’re also not suitable for genital piercings, or any place that could see a lot of friction, as the threadless ends could be pulled out.

The pin design makes threadless ends super easy to insert and remove, no more struggling to screw or unscrew that piercing in your ear that you can't see. And the near universal pin size makes them incredibly versatile and easy to mix and match with other ends and posts!

What are the benefits of threadless jewelry? 
Threadless jewelry has changed the jewelry industry and it’s easy to see why:

  • Threadless jewelry is secure. With threaded jewelry, you need to check it to make sure the screw doesn’t come lose and your jewelry doesn’t accidentally fall out. Since threadless jewelry is held by tension, the jewelry is less likely to fall out.
  • It is safe for piercings, especially fresh piercings. Threadless jewelry has no threads. The post is smooth and won’t harm your skin when inserting the post like externally threaded jewelry might.
  • It’s cost effective. You don’t need to buy new threadless ends if you’re downsizing or stretching. While the post is gauge specific, most threadless ends or the decorative end will fit into several post sizes. You will still be able to use your threadless ends even if you stretch from 18 gauge to 16 gauge. This makes it cheaper to build your jewelry collection.
  • There are so many options. Threadless ends come in all styles and colors, giving you limitless options. Since the post and the threadless ends can be purchased separately, you can customize both jewelry pieces to get the perfect style.


We hope you found this helpful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Don't forget to follow us on all our social @Bodyartforms