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Published Saturday, March 11, 2023

How to insert internally threaded eyelets / tunnels

Jewelry used in video:

Can’t wear double flare tunnels yet? Try internally threaded eyelets

Depending on the style of eyelet that you have, you can have an internally threaded eyelet, which is typically going to be a nice, seamless double flare.  Or you can have an externally threaded plug which is typically going to have that flat back.

You may be able to put these in like a stanard double flared plug, but if your ears aren’t stretchy enough to insert double flares, the threaded style eyelets will make it easier to put in

  1. Before you start, don’t forget to wash your hands and moisturize your lobes with a plug primer.

  2. Start by unscrewing the back and inserting the larger front piece just like you would a single flare eyelet. You might want to stand in front of a mirror and bend your ear forward so you can see behind your lobe.

  3. Before screwing the two pieces together, check to make sure you can see the rim of the jewelry piece on the back of your lobe.  If you can’t, then that means the wearable length is too small for your ear and you shouldn't go forward.  You risk pinching your lobe between the two pieces of the tunnel.

  4. When you can see the rim, take the threaded disk back and put it on your thumb resting on the side of your finger. Pinch it to hold it and do your best to press both pieces together and line up the ends as straight as possible.

  5. Then turn clockwise until you’re able to thread it all the way down. Keep your eye on it or else you can pinch your skin. When you thread it on, it should turn smoothly and you shouldn’t have any resistance. If you have resistance, then the back disc is crooked and if you keep tightening it the two pieces can get stuck together without being flush.

  6. Once it’s screwed in all the way, give it another turn to make sure it’s tight. You wouldn’t want it to unscrew and lose it.

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