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Published Wednesday, February 8, 2023

How to open & close a seamless ring

Seamless rings are an excellent choice for many piercings, including lobe, lip, septum, nostril and ear cartilage. This video will show you the proper way to open & close seamless rings so that they don't get distorted.

How to insert a seamless ring into your piercing

Steps to insert a seamless ring: 

  1. Before you start, don’t forget to wash your hands, and you may want to wear rubber or nitrile gloves, as they can give you a better grip on the ring.
  2. To open the seamless ring you will not pull the ends apart, as that will distort the ring. Instead, twist the ring in opposite directions.
  3. Once open, insert the ring, then twist it back to close it. You may have to twist it a few times for the ends to sit flush.

Enjoy wearing your awesome new jewelry!