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Published Monday, February 13, 2023

Aftercare products feature

Soaps, cleansers, and saline solutions are all products for cleaning your piercings. The soaps we provide are all gentle and made to clean away bacteria. 

Cleansers offer the benefits of soaps, but are even more gentle, making them good for areas on the face, or for people with more sensitive skin. 

Saline solution is a water and salt mix, often used to clean new piercings. We sell premade saline solutions, in both bottles and sprays, but we also offer sea salt for those who want to mix their own.

Primers, lotions, and salves are all good for healed piercings, stretched lobes, and tattoos. Primers are going to include things like Jojoba oil, stretch up salve, or of course, plug primer. These products help keep your lobes moisturized and soft and ready for plugs. A little Jojoba oil is also useful in caring for wood jewelry.

Lotions are very much the same in their ability to keep skin moisturized and healthy, and we sell a number that are especially good for your healing and healed tattoos.

Lastly, we sell a few salves that are good for soothing healed piercings and lobes that have gotten a little irritated.

We carry a wide variety of products for any stage in your body modification journey, and even carry products that are vegan, or fragrance and scent free. You’ll find all of these in our aftercare section. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

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