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Published Thursday, March 9, 2023

What You Need To Know About Ear Weights

Ear weights are a very popular choice of jewelry to adorn your lobes. They are stunning and definitely a perk of having stretched lobes! Weights come in all shapes, styles, sizes, materials and designs that you couldn’t even imagine.  But before you go down the weights shopping rabbit hole, there’s some information that you need to know before you start using them to ensure your lobes stay healthy. Let’s start with the basics.

What are ear weights?

Ear weights are a type of jewelry that can be used on healed stretched lobes. They hook through your lobe and dangle down. Just as the name suggests, ear weights are heavier than your average dangling earring. Weights can be worn on a naked lobe or through eyelets and earskins. Above you can see just a few of the gorgeous pieces in our ear weights collection.


What’s the difference between ear weights and ear hangers?

Ear weights are a type of hanging design. While all hangers dangle from stretched ears, ear weights typically are heavy enough to pull down and alter the shape of your lobes. Ear weights are often worn through lobes stretched to a larger size than the gauge of the jewelry, leaving a gap between the top of the piercing and the jewelry. Lighter hangers are more likely to be worn with the gauge of the jewelry matching the size of your lobes, resembling larger versions of the dangle earrings worn in standard ear piercings. Below you can see the difference between ear weights and ear hangers.
Ear Weights:
Ear Hangers:

Can you stretch your ears using ear weights?

You should not use ear weights to stretch your lobes. They are not designed for that purpose. They’re simply jewelry pieces meant to adorn your ears for short periods of time. Using weights as stretching tools can cause your lobes to only stretch at the bottom, making the bottom of your ear lobe thinner and prone to tearing. Remember that when you’re stretching you want the entire diameter of your lobe to stretch evenly and using ear weights doesn’t allow that. If you are trying to stretch, we have stretching kits on our site to help you do that.


How do you wear ear weights?

If you’re new to ear weights or ear stretching, you need to start slow and with a lighter weight. Just like stretching, you can’t just jump into heavy ear weights or you risk damaging your lobes. Start by using light weights for a few hours, and switch out the weights with plugs if your lobes start getting sore. Let your lobes rest for a couple of days before you wear weights again. Once your lobes have rested, try wearing your weights again for a slightly longer period of time and repeat the process until you can wear weights for up to eight to 10 hours. Once you can wear light weights without any discomfort, you can increase the weight of your ear weights and repeat the process.

If at any point you feel pain, stop and switch out your weights with plugs. Weights are not meant to be worn the whole day, every day, especially with heavier weights. Rotate your weights out with plugs to help retain the shape of your stretched lobe. As we mentioned before, keeping them in for too long can cause your lobe to thin out the bottom or injure your piercings in other ways.

We love ear weights! They’re gorgeous and are an amazing way to express your style. We have tons of beautiful designs on our site. Check them out here.

To make it easier to find what you need. We have split our ear weights by weight on our site. Each product will also include the minimum gauge size you need to be at to wear the weights and the weight of each piece. We understand that it can be hard to visualize how much a piece weighs, so we’ve made this handy chart that compares ear weights to other objects.

Ear Weight Type Weight Similar Weight To
Light 5g-15g Pen (around 12g)
Medium 16g-34g Sunglasses (around 22g)
Heavy 35g-49g Smallest Jojoba Oil we sell (almost 38g)
Extra Heavy More than 50g+ Smart watch (around 59g)