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Published Monday, August 28, 2023

Answering Body Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

What Gauge, Length, and Size Do You Need?

We know you're curious about gauge, length, and size when it comes to body jewelry. But it's not always one-size-fits-all. Every individual has unique anatomy, and that's why guessing sizes isn't the best approach. Instead, grab a ruler or use one of our gauge cards to measure your current jewelry. Don't worry if you don't have a gauge card – you can easily download one from our website. We've got a handy measuring guide too! It includes a conversion chart for gauge size in millimeters and inches. Plus, it'll show you how to measure various types of jewelry, making the process a breeze. If you're still unsure, we offer measurement calipers and Measuring Wheels to help with plug sizes.

Dealing with Green Skin from Jewelry

Have you ever noticed your skin turning green from wearing certain jewelry? No worries – it's not harmful! That green residue can be easily washed off with soap and water. This green color is a result of a chemical reaction called oxidation. It happens when metals interact with oxygen, water, sweat, lotions, or anything else that comes in contact with the metal. Just like how a cut apple turns brown when exposed to air, metals can darken and develop an oxidized layer. While it may not harm you, it can impact the polish and even rub off on your skin over time. Keep your jewelry in good shape by cleaning it regularly and storing it in a dry place. Also, try to keep your skin dry while wearing the jewelry. For example, take off your jewelry when you're going for a swim or using hair care products.  

Compatibility of Jewelry Pieces

Thinking of mixing and matching threaded posts and ends? Not all pieces are compatible. For two pieces of jewelry to fit together, they must have a matching thread pattern. Some threading patterns are specific to certain manufacturers. So, even if the gauge matches, the pieces may not fit if they're from different manufacturers. Keep this in mind when assembling your jewelry!

Externally threaded

Internally threaded


Custom Orders and Sizing

While we can't create custom designs, we can pre-order items from some of the manufacturers we work with. If you spot something on a manufacturer's site that we don't have in stock, let us know! We can explore the possibility of creating a pre-order for you. Check out the brands we work with by clicking on the Brands link at the top of our site.

Got More Questions?

If your question hasn't been answered, don't worry! We have more information on our FAQ page. You can also reach out to our helpful team – we're always ready to assist you.

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