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Published Thursday, April 25, 2024

Essential Aftercare for Healed Piercings

So, your piercing is fully healed. Maybe even a couple of years old. That doesn't mean you stop with the aftercare and ignore it, right? Well… not so much. We’re here to discuss some long-term piercing care that can ensure your piercings stay happy and healthy for years to come.

Clean Your Piercings Regularly

It’s crucial to keep your piercing clean. Your body sweats, sheds skin cells daily, and comes in contact with dirt, dust, and other irritants. Your piercings need cleaning just like the rest of your body does.

The easiest way to do this is to gently massage them while in the shower. Just make sure the jewelry you’re wearing is water-friendly and remove pieces that aren’t.

If your piercing goes through a deeper part of your body, such as a bridge or horizontal lobe piercing, occasionally remove your jewelry entirely to ensure both your piercing and jewelry are clean and to avoid buildup.

Sometimes cleaning can dry out your skin, so remember to moisturize your stretched lobes from time to time with something like jojoba oil.

Monitor Your Piercings and Jewelry

Monitor for piercing irritation

Keep an eye on your piercings and take note if you see any changes such as irritation, discoloration, or migration. Address changes promptly. If you see something that’s off, go see your piercer.

Monitor for jewelry damage

Also, monitor your jewelry for damage or if it needs maintenance. Wear high-quality jewelry appropriate for the season and activity to protect your piercings.

Piercing injury

Injuries and accidents can happen. Don’t neglect first aid for a wounded piercing, and seek professional medical advice if needed.




Remember, your piercings might be healed, but they’re still a part of your body. They will need occasional cleaning, maintenance, and care. Listen to your body, and seek out the advice of an experienced piercer or medical professional if any troubling changes or injuries to your piercings ever occur.

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