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Published Thursday, April 25, 2024

A Guide to Orbital Piercings


What is an Orbital Piercing?

An orbital piercing isn’t just about the physical placement of a single piercing, like a lobe or tragus piercing. Instead, it's a style of piercing that involves connecting two or more separate piercings via a single ring, usually a clicker or seamless ring.

Orbital Placement Options

When it comes to placement, you've got plenty of options to play with. The most common orbital placement is along the lobe or the flat of the cartilage. However, there are various ways to connect two or more piercings in an ear, depending on your preference and anatomy.


Orbital Anatomy Considerations

If you're considering an orbital piercing, it's essential to consider your ear anatomy. Ensure that your piercings are properly spaced to comfortably and safely accommodate a ring. Your piercer can help determine the right placement for you.


Orbital Pain and Healing

Since an orbital consists of multiple piercings in different ear placements, the pain level and healing time can vary. Your piercer can provide insight into what to expect based on your specific situation.


Orbital Conch Piercing

It's worth noting that there's another piercing often referred to as an orbital—the orbital conch. Unlike traditional orbital piercings, an orbital conch involves wearing a ring in a conch piercing, allowing the ring to "orbit" around the outer helix.




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