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Published Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How to insert a double flare plug or tunnel / eyelet into your lobe piercing

Double flare jewelry is a solid plug or tunnel where both ends have a flare. This helps keep the jewelry in place without having to use o-rings.
Commonly worn in earlobes, but can be worn in other stretched piercings.
How to measure double flare plugs
  • Gauge - Measure the size of the plug across the middle.
  • Wearable area - Measure straight across the side of the plug between where the flares start.
  • Flare size / rise - Measure the distance from the side of the plug to where the flare ends.

How do you insert double flare jewelry?

We recommend you take a shower beforehand. The heat will help loosen the skin which will make inserting the jewelry easier.

  1. Before you put on any jewelry, don’t forget to wash your hands and moisturize your lobes. Here's a link to our primers, salves, and oils.

  2. Insert it at an angle, pull down your lobe and press the jewelry in. If it hurts, stop. It means your ears aren’t ready to wear double flares. You want to wait 3-6 months after a fresh stretch before wearing double flare jewelry. To help you prepare for wearing double flare jewelry, you can wear heavier single flare items like glass and stone.

If you’re new to the size, go slow. You should also have a longer wearable length to accommodate for swelling if you're stretching.