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Published Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How to insert an ear saddle jewelry into your lobe piercing

Saddles are similar to tunnels, but they are not for everyone.  Their open design fits your piercing in a different way.

When you wear plugs or eyelets, the round shape allows the pressure on your lobe to be distributed equally around the jewelry, but a saddle has an open “U” shape.  They need to be worn a little looser to reduce the pressure the upper edges apply to the top of your piercing.  If the width between the top points is too wide, the skin at the top of your piercing will be pulled tight and you’ll feel the corners push into your cartilage.

The saddles that you need to fit your piercing are marked with the gauge you usually wear, but the diameter measures slightly smaller than your usual size.  The width is adjusted so that the saddle shape will fit comfortably.

Don’t sleep in saddles.  They’re more likely to fall out when you are laying down, and their open shape and light weight can allow shrinkage to occur if worn alone for long periods of time.



How do you insert ear saddle jewelry?

If you’re new to the size, go slow. You should also have a longer wearable length to accommodate for swelling if you're stretching.

  1. If you are planning to wear hoops or coils through the saddles, it’s possible to wear one size smaller than your current gauge. The weight of the hoops will pull your lobes down and help hold the saddles in place. However, going smaller than that may cause the jewelry to lose contact with the sides of your piercing and fall out.

  2. Before you put in any jewelry, don’t forget to wash your hands and moisturize your ear.

  3. Putting it in will be similar to putting in a double flare plug.  Put the saddle in at an angle, bottom side first and then pull your ear down a little and press the saddle in. 

  4. If it hurts, then stop. It means your ears aren’t ready to wear double flared plugs

  5. You want to wait 3-6 months after a fresh stretch before wearing a double flare plug.

  6. To help you get to a double flare plug, you can wear heavier single flare items like glass and stone.