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Published Thursday, October 12, 2023

How to Measure the Diameter and Gauge of a Ring

Welcome to the simple guide on how to measure the diameter and gauge of a ring. Let's demystify the process together!

Measuring the Diameter

You can easily use a gauge card or even a regular ruler for this. If you don’t have a gauge card, no worries! We have a printable one ready for you on!

Step 1: Align the inside of your ring with a ruler starting with one end at "zero"

Step 2: Measure across the center of the ring (do not include the ring itself). In this example, the ring diameter is 1/2". Simple, right?

Finding the Gauge

Now, let's move on to finding the gauge of the ring.

  • Use the bubbles on our card to match and find out the gauge of your ring.
  • Alternatively, a ruler can help you determine the gauge too! Just be sure that if you use a ruler you line the ring up with the "zero" starting line and start measuring from that point. Once you get the measurement you can use the conversion chart on this page to get the gauge.

And that’s it! You now know how to effectively measure both the diameter and the gauge of a ring. It’s easy and quick!

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