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Published Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Guide to Body Jewelry Types and Names

Body Jewelry Explained: Your Quick Guide

Hey there! Ever found yourself wondering about the difference between a horseshoe and a circular barbell? Or maybe puzzled by the myriad of body jewelry names? Worry not. We're here to break it down for you.

Circular Barbell

Let's start with the basics. A circular barbell, which sometimes goes by the name horseshoe barbell, is a U-shaped piece that sports balls at its ends. Perfect for adorning ear projects, septums, nipples, and lips.

image of a circular barbell

Straight Barbells

Moving on, we've got the straight barbells. Highly popular, these versatile pieces cater to various piercings, ranging from industrial to tongue piercings.

Curved Barbells

Curved barbells come in different styles and sizes. These are popular in eyebrow piercing, navel piercings, and they’re sometimes used in vertical labret piercings and in various ear cartilage projects.

Labret Jewelry

Then there’s labret body jewelry, also known as flat back studs or push pin studs (for threadless labrets). They are very popular and have a comfortable flat back plate and a removable end, like a gem or ball. Labret studs are very popular for lip piercings, ear piercings, and nostril piercings.

Rings & Their Different Styles

When it comes to rings, there's a variety to choose from:

  • Captive Bead Ring (CBR): Recognizable by its bead, which is held in place by the ring's tension.
  • Segment Ring: Features a removable segment for easy insertion or removal.
  • Clicker Ring: Often referred to as a hinged segment ring, it has a hinge that allows the ring to open & close.
  • Seamless Ring: A minimalist design opened and closed by twisting its ends.

image of captive bead ring image of segment ring image of clicker ring image of seamless ring

Jewelry for Stretched Lobes

If you’re sporting stretched lobes, here are some pieces just for you:

  • Plugs: These cylindrical pieces can come as single flare, double flared, or no flare at all.
  • Eyelets or Tunnels: Hollow designs allowing you to peek through.
  • Earskins: Made of silicone, they're gentle on your piercings.
  • Saddles: They rest snugly at your lobe's base.

image of ear plugs image of ear tunnels image of silicone eyelets image of ear saddles

Ear Hangers & Weights

Ear hangers can dangle beautifully from either naked lobes or through earskins. In contrast, ear weights have the gravitas to reshape your lobes. Both come in a plethora of designs, showcasing the beauty of stretched lobes.

image of ear hangers  image of ear weights

That was a quick sprint through the world of body jewelry. Interested in exploring more designs? Swing by our site, where a vast collection awaits you!

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