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Published Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How to put in a teardrop shaped plug

Teardrop plugs come in different shapes. Some are more rounded and have more of an egg shape, while others have a pointier top and look more like teardrops. Teardrop plugs are double flared, so putting these in will be similar to putting on double flare plugs.

Jewelry used in video:
Stone & glass convex teardrop plug
Stone & glass teardrop plug

Steps to insert teardrop jewelry

Before you start, don’t forget to wash your hands and moisturize your lobes. If you need plug primer, we sell Zeep plug primer on our site. 

  1. Start by pulling your lobe down. Insert the bottom first at an angle. Then press the teardrop in.
  2. Depending on your anatomy, you may feel some pressure right under your tragus. If you feel any discomfort, we don’t recommend using these the whole day. You may also want to size down or switch to teardrops with a more rounded edge.