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Published Sunday, February 26, 2023

How do we quality control at Bodyartforms?

Here's the breakdown of how we QC ...

We do our best to provide quality jewelry at any price, and that it is in top condition when your jewelry arrives in your mailbox. That mission is shared by our entire team, and each person plays a part in making sure the jewelry that leaves our store is as good as it can be.

The QC process goes through its first quality control check as soon as it arrives at our building. Pieces are unboxed and looked over to make sure they are not broken, blemished, or defective. Some pieces that are blemished but still wearable will go into our discount grab bags or are sold as clearance. The pieces that meet all of our standards will be stocked to be sold.

Some jewelry that we sell in pairs isn’t separated into matching sets before we receive it. However, before it is stocked, we sort it by hand so each pair you receive is the best match available! For example, some plugs are the same size and material and high quality, but because they’re handmade they don’t quite match. So we have to go through them one by one and make a great pair that are fit to be sent to you (our amazing customer)!

When we get new jewelry designs, they undergo the same once-over.  We record the measurements of all the different sizes during this phase, to ensure the specifications shown in the new listing will be accurate. More delicate items are pre-packaged at this time, to ensure they don’t get damaged while being moved around the office.

The jewelry is then photographed as the next step in creating a new listing. And while handling the jewelry for photos, our photographer screens it for any problems or defects the camera picks up that the naked eye missed.

After the description and photograph for the new listing is done, the jewelry is assigned a place on the warehouse floor. Jewelry is stored in size-appropriate drawers to ensure it is safe while it waits to be purchased. These storage containers are also checked during our annual inventory count to ensure the jewelry inside is still in good condition. 

When you make a purchase, your order receives one last check during packaging. If the jewelry looks good, it will be packed up with love and care, and shipped out!

Of course, our concern for the quality of your order doesn’t end when it leaves the building.  Our dedicated customer support members are here to make sure any potential issues are addressed. Our mission at Bodyartforms is to empower your self expression, and ensuring that you’re happy with your order is essential to that mission.

Thank you for watching! As always, please follow us on our social media accounts @ Bodyartforms!