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Published Sunday, February 26, 2023

How to care for your piercings during winter

Cold weather got you down?

Winter time is here for many of us, and that means cold weather, and while you’re bundling up in sweaters and scarves, make sure to protect your piercings from the frost as well.

As many of us have probably experienced, with cold weather comes dry skin, and just like the way your hands and feet might need a little extra care, your piercings are the same. Excessive dryness is uncomfortable at best, but can also lead to infection if it gets bad enough, even in older piercings, so it’s best to prevent that before it happens.

  • Avoid use of hot water to clean your piercings. Hot water might feel like a relief to a cold or irritated piercing, but it can lead to further dryness in the long run. Instead, stick with room temperature water, or better yet, a saline solution for cleaning.

  • Also, avoid cleaning your piercings directly with soap. Soap can be very drying, as it strips away the natural oils of the skin.

If you notice some minor dryness and irritation, use a gentle moisturizer, and avoid touching or moving your jewelry too much. Just like using lotions on your hands in winter, a little Jojoba oil or other piercing moisturizer can do wonders.

When going out into the elements, try to cover your piercings, the way you cover your hands to protect them from the cold and wind chill. Hats and scarves are a great means of doing so, just be careful not to accidentally snag your piercing on them when taking them back off.

Consider avoiding metal or glass jewelry as well. These materials can act as heat-sinks, and make your piercings feel even colder, or in a worst case scenario, lead to frost-bite. If you live somewhere exceptionally cold, we recommend switching your glass or metal jewelry out for jewelry made of silicone or an organic material, as these materials won’t transfer the cold to your skin.

And lastly, drink your water! It can be easy to forget to drink in the winter, when you’re not hot and sweating, but you can just as easily become dehydrated in the dry, cold months as you can the hot ones. Making sure your body as a whole is nice and hydrated can go a long way to keeping your piercings happy too.

We hope this has been helpful, and that your piercings stay nice and happy all winter! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and please don’t forget to like and subscribe, and follow us on all our socials @bodyartforms!