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Published Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Learn About Bridge Piercings

Location and Anatomy

Let's get the basics down. The bridge piercing, also known as the Erl Piercing, is nestled horizontally between the eyes on the bridge of the nose.

Keep in mind that it’s a surface piercing, which means it has a higher risk of rejection and migration as it doesn't go through a lot of flesh. Your piercer will assess your anatomy to determine if you're suitable for this piercing and will discuss any associated risks.

Glasses and Bridge Piercings

If you wear glasses, getting a bridge piercing is still possible. You can wear contacts during the healing process or adjust your glasses lower on your nose, taking extra care not to bump the piercing. A skilled piercer will use a hollow needle to make the piercing, pinching the skin in the area.

Jewelry and Sizing

The jewelry used for a bridge piercing is a straight barbell. The starting gauge is determined by your piercer based on your anatomy, with a larger gauge possibly chosen to prevent rejection. Healing time ranges from 4-6 months or longer, depending on aftercare.

Some say the pain varies, but if you can handle a cartilage piercing, you'll likely manage this one well, as it doesn't go through cartilage or many nerve endings.


Aftercare Tips

After getting your bridge piercing, follow your piercer's instructions. Clean your piercing twice a day with a saline spray. Avoid touching it with dirty hands and be cautious not to snag or hit it. Steer clear of chemicals that can irritate your piercing, including makeup, lotions, shampoo, or other skincare products. Additionally, avoid bodies of water like pools, beaches, or lakes.

Once healed, you can switch to barbells with gems or colorful beads. Find a variety of barbells on our site Make sure to confirm the length and gauge of the jewelry you need before leaving the shop.



If you're considering a bridge piercing, we hope this quick guide has been helpful. Don't forget to follow us on all our social platforms @bodyartforms.