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Published Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What are external & internally threaded ends?


Threaded ends 101

Is it time to give your look a bit of a refresh? Threaded ends are an easy way to do just that!

A threaded end is a type of ball, disc, or design end for jewelry. It can be interchanged between different posts, or swapped out for different ends to suit your look. These ends attach to a barbell of labret via their screw-top design. This screw design is also called threading, hence the name ‘threaded ends’.

Threaded ends require threaded barbell posts, that is, a post with either internal or external threaded to screw the end onto. A threadless post will not work, as they lack the threading design.

Something important to keep in mind is that there are two kinds of threaded ends: internally threaded and externally threaded. And here is where it might get a bit confusing...

Externally threaded

Internally threaded


An internally threaded post is where the threading is on the inside, and an externally threaded post is one with the threading exposed on the outside. But the threaded ends are the opposite. A ball or end with exposed threading is an internally threaded end, because it is an end meant for an internally threaded post. And, vice versa, an end with threading on the inside is an externally threaded end, because it pairs with an externally threaded post.

When selecting your threaded ends, also make sure to pay attention to the gauge size you need, as the size of the threading goes up as the size of the jewelry does. This means threaded ends are less universal than threadless ends, but it also means they can be made for much larger gauge jewelry.

If you’re ever concerned about an end you purchased through us being able to thread with a certain type of jewelry, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We’re happy to help test the threading of an end, and let you know what jewelry it will work with.

Threaded ends come in so many styles, and whether you’re looking to make a statement, or simply replace a lost end, we have something for every style and budget! 

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