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Published Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Things people with piercings do

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Part 2:

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Part 6:

If you have piercings you can probably relate to doing these things with your jewelry ...

  • Constantly tightening threaded jewelry to make sure it doesn't fall off
  • Playing with your septum jewelry (but it looks like your picking your nose)
  • Messing with your large earrings and almost accidentally taking them out
  • Using your labret piercing as a water gun
  • Fiddling with or biting your lip jewelry
  • Constantly checking to make sure your jewelry is still there
  • Straightening your jewelry
  • Smelling your plugs
  • Looking for dropped jewelry
  • Putting things in lobes
  • Struggle to remove jewelry
  • Worry about losing jewelry after drying your face
  • Checking if any piercing has closed
  • Making sure you haven't lost any jewelry
  • Check for boogers
  • Check for any stuck food
  • Casually play with jewelry
  • Adjust jewelry using phone when theres no mirror

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