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Published Saturday, August 19, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Stone Jewelry


What You Need To Know About Stone Jewelry

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Semi-precious and precious gemstones have adorned jewelry for centuries, and today they add a unique touch to body piercings. In this A-Z guide, we'll delve into the world of natural stone body jewelry, covering everything you need to know.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider wearing stone jewelry. It is usually hypoallergenic and less likely to cause a reaction compared to other materials like steel, brass, or silver. It also has a long history in lobe stretching, going back thousands of years. Stone gauges can be found in ancient Mesopotamia and across the stone age world.


Natural Stone Body Jewelry: Pros and Cons

Natural stone jewelry offers several benefits, from aesthetic appeal to unique symbolism. However, there are also considerations to keep in mind, such as weight and porosity.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Diverse options with a wide range of colors and shapes to enhance your look.
  • Natural Material: Eco-friendly and sustainable choice for conscious customers.
  • Symbolism and Meaning: Personalize your jewelry with stones carrying special significance.
  • Unique Pieces: Each stone is one-of-a-kind, showcasing natural variations. At Bodyartforms, we do our best to match each piece as close to each other as possible. 
  • Durable: Stone is very durable and long lasting. Unlike some other materials, stone won't tarnish or corrode over time. It is not affected by humidity or temperature, so you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time.


  • Weight: Stone jewelry is on the heavier side; and the larger the piece, the heavier it will be. While the weight of stone can be off putting for some, many people find it very comfortable. Some people use heavy stone plugs to relax their earlobes before stretching or putting in jewelry with bigger flares.
  • Can't be sterilized: Stones with porosity harbor bacteria and cannot undergo sterilization, posing infection risks.
  • Cost: High-quality gemstones can be pricey compared to other materials.
  • Limited Flexibility: Stones have design limitations and can be fragile.


Common Types of Body Jewelry Made from Natural Stone

Natural stone is versatile, making it suitable for various body jewelry pieces like plugs, tunnels, septum spikes, and more.

Stone Plugs

Stone Tunnels

Stone Septum Spikes and Tusks

Stone Hanging-Style Body Jewelry

Stone Rings and Hoops 

Stone Inlaid in Labrets and Barbells


Explore the beauty of popular natural gemstones and crystals used in body jewelry:


Natural Stone Body Jewelry Safety and Care

  • For safety, only wear stone jewelry in fully healed piercings, and clean with mild soap and water.
  • Clean your stone jewelry regularly to prevent it from smelling bad, as stone plugs have a tendency to absorb odors. Using mild soap and water will do the trick. Make sure they’re completely dry before wearing them again.
  • Be careful when wearing stone. It can break or chip if it’s dropped. 


Show Off Your Style with Stone Jewelry

With numerous textures, patterns, and colors, stone jewelry is a perfect way to express your style. Explore our stone jewelry collection at to find the perfect pieces for you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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