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Silicone Heart Retainer


Silicone Heart Retainer

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Sold as a SINGLE
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Product Description:

These retainers are made entirely of silicone. They are available in seven different tones. To insert, thread the flexible needle end through piercing and grab with either tweezers or fingers on the other side. Pull through completely.

The below measurements are approximate:

  • The heart shaped base and needle end measure  3/8" long
  • The hider end measures 2mm
  • A video showing how to insert the retainer is posted here by Kaos
  • Product # 26741
  • Material(s): Silicone
  • Worn In: Labret, Lip, Nostril, Ear cartilage, Face
  • Sizes offered: 18g (1mm), 16g (1.2mm), 14g (1.6mm)
  • Colors offered: brown, hider, skin-tone, clear, tan
  • Brand: Kaos Softwear
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5 Posted on 12/20/2023    by Stellan
Verified purchase 14g 1/4" Version 1.5
Got these for my industrial during medical procedures where I can't wear metal. A little tricky to get in, but when they're in they're comfortable and do the job.
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5 Posted on 12/11/2023    by Ashley
Verified purchase 16g 5/16" Version 2
These are super comfortable. I got two colors just to make sure I got the one that would blend in to my skin the best because I'm getting a new job and needed to be more *professional*, so my philtrum piercing needed to be hidden. The one that matched is practically invisible. Easy to get in as well. My only issue is that the end of the "heart" sticks out a little bit when I smile, but if that was any shorter it'd be pretty much impossible to get in, so it's fine. Super great product, though.
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4 Posted on 11/22/2023    by Anna
Verified purchase 16g 11/32" (9mm) Version 1.5
Got this for my medusa. It was difficult to get it in, but it blends in flawlessly once it is in. The "tail" on the inside feels a bit odd against my gums but otherwise it's comfortable.
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2 Posted on 12/3/2023
Verified purchase 16g 1/4" Clear
The silicone is too soft, and the needle end is not long enough. If it was just a little bit longer I could grab it with tweezers and this would be usable. I really wanted to like it, this is unfortunate.
BAF comment: We have reached out to the customer to help resolve this issue
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5 Posted on 9/4/2023
Verified purchase 14g 3/8" Clear
Great retainer that blends almost perfectly. A bit tricky to get in, I usually fold and push the retainer and use tweezers on the inside of my mouth to pull it through.
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4 Posted on 6/18/2023    by Aster
Verified purchase 16g 1/4" Version 1.5
Somewhat difficult to get in, and once they're in, it's difficult to change their orientation. Overall, though, they do their job well. Haven't worn them for too long, so I can't say how durable they are or how comfortable they are for long periods of time.
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5 Posted on 5/7/2023    by Lily
Verified purchase 16g 1/4" Version 1
I like these so much I keep buying them.
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3 Posted on 3/12/2023
Verified purchase 16g 1/4" Version 1
I think this product might work better for people with thick skin. I have very thin skin, this silicone is as rubbery as my skin, so it just slips around the piercing hole instead of actually going into it. It is incredibly frustrating to put in, even with following the directions to a T. If it takes me .2 seconds to install other jewelry, but this piece takes me 5 minutes to insert, I'm not really seeing the value here... The wearable area is also quite small. I ordered two pieces of jewelry, both at 1/4" and the Kaos silicone is very small in comparison to the other 1/4" pieces of jewelry I purchased in this same order. In terms of retainers meant to hide a piercing, this is the best you are going to get which is why I've still rated it at a 3/5. If you are thin skinned and very pale like I am, this piece is still going to be very, *very* noticeable. Unfortunately, this piece of jewelry isn't a magic solution to hide a piercing, the only real option is to take it out entirely.
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5 Posted on 2/17/2023    by Jenna
Verified purchase 16g 5/16" Version 1
Such a great retainer to wear in my philtrum piercing for trips to the dentist.
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3 Posted on 2/8/2023    by Madi
Verified purchase 14g 1/4" Version 1
Difficult to install, almost too easy to remove
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