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Clearance Discount Bin (Gorilla Glass)
50% OFFSavings: Original price
Sold as a SINGLE
  • Product # 16123
  • Flares: Single flare, Double flare
  • Worn In: Ear lobe
  • Sizes offered: 14g, 12g, 6g, 2g, 1g, 00g, 00g/10mm, 7/16", 12mm, 1/2", 5/8", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/2"
  • Brand:

Please enjoy the savings on these first quality pieces! These items are being discounted because the designs have been discontinued or they were received in error.

Items may be sold as either single pieces or they may be available in pairs. They will be described as such in the drop down.

Descriptions may contain abbreviations to denote their flare style:

SF = Single Flare.
DF = Double Flare.

If you have a question on an item, please contact customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

These may present bubbles throughout the piece. This is an inevitable and unpredictable part of the production process, due to the fusing process of our raw materials. Although Gorilla Glass remove pieces with sharp pits on the wearable surface, some bubbles (sometimes on the flares or wearable surface) are to be expected.

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2 Posted on 7/11/2022    by Aimee
Verified purchase 5/8"  DF Agave Dichroic Plugs (pair)
These were supposed to be first quality, but the pair I received had a huge divot in the glass front, like a small hole. And upon inspection it had another divot on the wearable where my ear would touch while wearing. Really disappointed. Not first quality at all.
BAF comment: We have reached out to the customer to try and resolve the issue.
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3 Posted on 4/7/2022    by Rachel
Verified purchase 2g  single flare light blue colorfront with 12mm wearable and an o-ring groove (pair)
The wearable wasn't quite 12mm, didn't fit the piercing I bought it for; still a nice piece though and the price was great
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5 Posted on 3/29/2022    by Jacquelyn
Verified purchase 7/16"  Single Flare Aqua Dichroic Plugs (pair)
If these were discounted as 2nds, I sure can't find a flaw. I love them! The aqua dichroic is a very vivid green throughout that shifts to blue and hints of purple around the outside edges. These are the first single flare GG plugs I've worn and I really like the size of the front flares. They don't run the risk of popping out of my lobe but give my 2nd lobe piercings some personal space. The wearable is a little longer than I'm used to but in no way uncomfortable. I wasn't sure I was gonna love the aqua color but I tend to do purple to death so I made myself try something new and I'm really glad I did because these are lovely.
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5 Posted on 10/6/2020    by Melissa
Verified purchase 6g  single flare clear colorfront with 12mm wearable and an o-ring groove (pair)
the o-ring grooves are so useful, I used them for my stretched labret and philtrum and they were perfect, the disc was thin and not sharp and fit perfectly since not it's not domed
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5 Posted on 9/23/2020    by Gemma
Verified purchase 00g/10mm  Cobalt borneo spiral
My first fancy glass ear piece... AND IT IS MORE THAN I COULD EVER DREAM OF!!! I'm so darn toot'n happy! Firstly, the hook is hundreds of times more elegant irl than any pic I've seen. The cobalt blue remains in colour even in dim light and shifts to purple in certain angles! That was a pleasant feature to see! It stands out very well for 10mm, being quite tall, thick, and a good diameter! I'm glad I didn't go with a 1/2" as that would be killer heavy for everyday wearing!
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