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Ptfe Labret
Externally threaded


PTFE Labret
Externally threaded

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Product Description:

These are custom CUT TO LENGTH labrets. You get them at approximately 5/8" long and simply snip them to the length you need and the stainless steel balls will self thread onto the shaft!

Be sure to snip them just a tad longer than what you need so by the time the ball threads on it'll be the perfect length :)

  • Product # 873
  • Material(s): Bioplast, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Externally threaded
  • Worn In: Labret, Lip, Ear cartilage, Face
  • Sizes offered: 16g (1.2mm), 14g (1.6mm)
  • Colors offered: black, silver, clear
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5 Posted on 11/29/2021    by Lily
Verified purchase 16g  Black
After reading several reviews about others having difficulty adjusting the size of these I bought two, just in case. I had no problems with the first one. I used a well fitting labret post I already had as a size reference. Once I cut the bar to size and screwed the ball on to create the threads, I heated the ball up just enough to melt the PTFE inside the ball. Once it cooled, it works perfectly! It looks like it was machined.
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3 Posted on 9/11/2020    by Iris
Verified purchase 14g  Black
Good in theory but once i cut it the end was rough and I can't thread the end on straight, it's very hear to screw together when it was in my ear. it's possible I didn't do it right so I don't think it's a faulty product but I don't think it's easy to use
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5 Posted on 8/18/2020    by Sarina
Verified purchase 16g  Clear
Excellent as always. These are by far the nicest plastic labret on the site. I will definitely be purchasing more!
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3 Posted on 8/27/2020    by Rooney
Verified purchase 14g  Black
I really love bioplast posts for my labret; I have a horrible habit of chewing on the backs, so metals are a no-go for me at this point. Bioplast admittedly has a shorter lifespan with me, but what's the cost of a new plastic post every few months compared to dental reconstruction? The ones on BodyArtForms are always great, so I went ahead and ordered these recently after my retainer post snapped. Unless you've bought these ones before and know the drill, BUY A SECOND JUST IN CASE. It is deceptively hard to get the ball to thread back in after you've cut the post to size. This was my first time trying this kind so I admit I had no clue what I was doing, but WOW this thing was hard to get right! After adjusting and filing my first one for half an hour to the point of it being a nub, I had to toss that one and move on to my second. I got the hang of it that time and now that it's in it's great! It's very sturdy and not irritating to the skin at all. However, I don't know that the cheaper price tag of this one compared to ones ready to go straight out of the bag makes the frustration worth it. If you have trouble getting the right post length, then 100% go for this! Just remember to get a spare or two for trial and error. If you're already a regular size and just need a quick fix, I'd strongly suggest just getting a different style that isn't DIY cut-to-size. If you do, tiny scissors and a nail file are your best friend. Also take advantage of the free sizing card you can have sent to measure everything out and leave some extra room for the ball; it takes up a bit of space on the overall length which can mess up your measurements. Overall it's a great piece of jewelry, but super tricky to work with and get right. Unless you're more adept at these things than I am (which you probably are tbh), I'd suggest getting a regular labret piece.
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5 Posted on 1/31/2018    by Micah
Verified purchase 16g  Clear
I have lupus and am not only very hard to heal, but very sensitive to metals (yes, even surgical and titanium,) especially while healing. Had multiple failed or just plain irritated piercings because of that. Did a lot of research, found out about Bioplast and I swear it's AMAZING! It can be a total pain to get threaded once cut, but it's much easier to use a cone rather than the ball to thread lol, much easier to grab and get on straight. I don't usually write reviews, but I'm seriously impressed with how well I'm healing with this stuff.
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3 Posted on 10/4/2017    by Lisa
Verified purchase 16g  Clear
I have a love/hate with these, but I think it really comes down to personal habits and preference. So, LOVE that I can adjust the length on them and how my skin and gums are happy with the material. HATE how difficult it is to get the ball threaded onto a freshly cut post. Also I have a terrible habit of chewing on the inside end so I need to replace the thing monthly.
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5 Posted on 8/18/2017    by Skyler
Verified purchase 16g  Clear
These feel so much better in lip piercings than regular ones do!
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5 Posted on 10/18/2017    by Alex
Verified purchase 16g  Black
The balls on these are quite large, and threading them on/cutting them the right size can be a pain in the booty, but they work as intended. You also need to make sure there's no unintended edges before you push them through a hole, as it can really hurt. I like having them on hand for when inflexible bars irritate one of my piercings while I sleep; swapping out to bioplast, that bends with my body and doesn't pull/push against it, until it calms down, is very handy.
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5 Posted on 6/19/2017    by Kristianne
Verified purchase 14g  Clear
Been using these for my cheek piercings for about a decade and they're perfect. I only replace them once every 3-4 years. Recommend A++
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0 Posted on 5/30/2017    by Cathleen
Verified purchase 14g  Black
Really light and comfortable to wear.
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